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Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017

By Lucifer Bui

Cutting and shaping of nails are essential part of your pet's regular grooming regime. However, it can turn pretty traumatic and painful ordeal for the little fellow if not done right. Now, none of us can bear the thought of making our furry friend go through such pain. This is why pet nail grinders are the best choice when it comes to taking care of the growing nails in our pets.

While there are many options available in the market, finding the best pet nail grinder for cat and dog can be quite confusing if you do not know what to look for and whom to trust. I have created a list of the best pet nail grinder for cat and dog 2017 after careful consideration of all the factors. However, every product has its own set of pros and cons and you need to select the one whose pros outweigh the cons as per your choices and preferences.

Best pet nail grinder 2017 - what you should check?

Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017

The number of brands providing cat and dog nail grinders is quite high. However, there are a few things that you need to check before you decide.

Among the important factor are, the type of grinder and what the additional features available with the product are, what the power source is and whether or not it is a rechargeable unit, other technical specifications, and the price of the product. Broadly speaking, these factors should allow you to reach a conclusion.

You also need to take into note the pros and cons of each product, weigh them against your basic needs and then take the final call. As already mentioned, there is no best product. The one that suits all your needs is the best one for you.

Best pet nail grinder for cat and dog 2017 comparison chart

Product Power Source Type Battery included Reviews Pricing


Small / Medium


Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017
330+ customer reviews

Comparison pet nail grinder for cat and dog 2017 on market

Once you are through with the above list, it is time to check out the various pros and cons of each of these products. Here are the authentic reviews about the best pet nail grinder for cat and dog 2017.

Why I did not include Dremel pet nail grooming kit?

Dremel is certainly among the top selling pet nail grooming kits available. However, I have obvious reasons to exclude it from the above list.

Dremel nail grinders generally come with the advantage of high speed grinding making them quite effective against the hard nails which many other nail grinders fail to file easily. However, the time that Dremel will save in terms of faster nail grinding will be taken up by the parts malfunctioning. The number of Dremel nail grinders malfunctioning is way too high to be ignored. It is a good grinder wit high speed but the malfunctioning parts can cause real trouble. Moreover, there are issues with the spares available and the replacement battery as well.

I personally will opt for a different nail grinder with lower power and work for a longer time on the nails to get them smoothened and in shape. Even your pet will not squirm and try to run off with a soft and silent pet nail grinder.

Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017

Clipping nails can be often a painful thing for your beloved pet. With the URPOWER rechargeable pet nail grinder now you can save your pet all the traumatic experience.

The nail grinder is suitable for a variety of pets and there are three different ports for different types of nails. You need to select the right one and that's all. The nail grinder works like a charm and is extremely easy to handle. There is also almost no noise created by the motor, something that makes cats quite jumpy as well as scares other pets. With this you will have no nose issue and the diamond bit grinder is a much safer option as compared to any clipper or trimmer you will come across.

The nail grinder comes with a USB charger and it can be charged to full in about 2 hours and used for 3 hours thereafter without recharging. It is among the best pet nail grinders available and extremely easy to use.

What did I not like?

The power of the grinder isn't too high and this can be a problem if your pet has really strong nails that are not maintained regularly. While the customer support is extremely efficient and helpful and will resolve the issue, still, you will have to be patient and use it for long hours to get the desired result at times.

Urpower rechargeable pet nail grinder is one of the best and high grade pet nail grinders available in the market. The price is decent and affordable. The grinder itself is quite user friendly and pet friendly and operates almost without any sound. This is a great buy if you are introducing your pet to the nail grinder for the first time.

FurPaw Wireless - Top rated pet nail grinder 2017

Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017

When you are looking for the top rated pet nail grinder available, you will for sure end up with the FurPaw wireless pet nail grinder. It is a rechargeable nail grinder that works amazing with almost all types of pet nails.

There are three different slots meant for small, medium and large size nails and the operation is so simple that you cannot make a mistake with this one. All you need to do is charge it full and you are good for three hours of nail grinding. The diamond bit grinders will not cause excessive defiling of the nail and thus is completely safe.

Also, the diamond grinder does not need to be changed and thus you are saved the trouble of finding spare parts. The compact design makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

What did I not like?

The motor is not too strong if you are working on the claws that have become really hard. In such a scenario you will have to work for longer time to ensure that you get the desired result. Also, the motor itself is low sound emitting, but if you are not working it in the right angle, the sound can be a bit scary for pets.

FurPaw has launched a decent priced and portable nail grinder that will give your pets absolutely painless nail trimming experience without having to face the trimmer, which often cause pain. This is a great product and you must try it if you have not and you will love how easily you will be able to get your pets' nail jobs done without them trying to run away.

Hertzko Electric - Best selling pet nail grinder 2017

Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017

Hertzko pet nail grinder is among the ones that have got the highest sales in the market and quite rightly so.

  • Having diamond bit grinding stone, it is basically maintenance free as you will never have to worry about replacing the grinding stone.
  • The rechargeable nail grinder is easy to carry around and use. The top cap covering the grinder can be opened for easy cleaning as well.
  • One of the main reasons why such a large number of people love this is because besides being really silent in terms of operation, it is also low in vibration. So, your pet is never agitated or scared away by the nail grinder.

You will have no troubling using this nail grinder and it will not cause any pain or cut to your beloved pet. The nail grinder is a much safer and better option as compared to the clipper. Make sure you have it fully charged and you are good for about 3 hours of nail grinding. Selecting the right slot is important for the best result.

What did I not like?

The power of the grinder needs to be a bit more to ensure that the grinding happens fast. Also, the instructions are not mentioned too clearly. It is true that the grinder is a simple tool, but even then, information like charging time and usage time needs to be present for the convenience of the general public.

Hertzko is a wonderful electric nail grinder, provided that you do not have a pet with too strong nails. However, once you start using this regularly, the job becomes much easier as you need not spend as much time every time. At a reasonable rate this is a good buy and you will also not be considering much investment on this anytime soon, unless the rechargeable battery runs out of its recharging capacity.

Wahl Trimming Kit - Complete professional nail grinding kit for all animals

Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017

The regular portable nail grinder does not do the job well enough at all times, especially if you have a large size cat. Some nail grinders seem to take ages to do the job.

If you do not mind paying some more for the better quality and higher performance, then Wahl professional animal nail grinding kit is the perfect choice for you. You will get a choice of different types of grinders as well as you will be able to control the speed and thus decide which one will suit the best for your pet. This one is completely free from any type of maintenance as well as it is super quiet and easy to use.

What did I not like?

The only issue will be if you are going outside USA. The adaptor is made for USA power source only and you will have to make sure you make necessary arrangements if you are going to use this in any other country.

For professional pet groomers and those who have large pets, this is the perfect kit that will suit all types of pets. Since you have the choice of grinding bit as well as the speed, this nail grinder is perfect for those who wish to have one product to take care of multiple pets.

MiPets Rechargeable - High quality complete nail grooming kit

Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017

The most unique thing that you will notice about this grinder is that you will find four different port sizes.

This is a bit high in the price scale, but certainly worth it. The quality is quite good and it works very quietly, thus not alarming your pets. Moreover, it is good enough to do a faster job than many other similar products. The rechargeable battery can be easily charged using USB cable. Hence, you need not worry about finding the right plug point even while travelling.

What did I not like?

While they did an exceptional job of creating a really wonderful nail grinder, they did not make the motor quite as powerful as it should have been. It is much better than many other products available, but not the best one and grinding hard claw will take a lot of time.

If you looking for really good pet nail grinders, this is definitely one of the better choices. You can carry it anywhere you wish without having to worry about getting the right plug point for charging the product.

Urpower Premium - Cheapest cat dog nail grinder 2017

Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017

In case you were searching for the cheapest pet nail grinder in the market, you are at the right product. The URPOWER premium electric nail grinder for pets is the cheapest and best nail grinder available in the price range.

  • The power source is two AA batteries.
  • The device has a diamond bit grinder that you will not have to replace.
  • There are two slots provided for small, and medium and large pets. However, you can remove the top cap is you are working on a nail that is difficult to get to with the cap on.

The motor is super quiet and your pet will not even mind the light sound that it makes. The motor is good enough but not too fast and you will probably have to clip the hard nails a bit before grinding. This is mentioned in the instruction about the product as well. The usage is simple and the instructions are pretty clear. Keep in mind, do not use the grinder for more than 5 seconds a one place constantly. This is for the safety of your pet.

What did I not like?

While the option to have multiple batteries in the bag will solve the power problem, I would have liked if it provide a charger and rechargeable AA batteries. That would make this even more attractive at the price.

URPOWER has launched a wonderful pet nail grinder at the lowest rate in the market that you must get if you have been looking for something that will be really low priced. It can be used on the go without having to worry about the charging part. The nail grinder is perfect for shaping the nails and getting the corners without having to use clippers. It is a safe option that will ensure that your pet remains unharmed during the process.

Benicci - Most gentle and pet friendly pet nail grinder

Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017

Benicci has created a really small and gentle pet nail grinder that you can use for your small pets as well.

  • It is powered by two AA batteries and thus you need not charge it for hours long before you can use it.
  • The diamond bit grinding stone is perfectly safe and does an amazing job of grinding the nails into shape and even getting the tricky sides that are hard to get while being gentle on the skin.

Since there is no blade like clippers or trimmers you can use this without the fear of hurting your little pet. Just do not keep grinding for more than a few seconds at one go as it will heat up the surface and cause discomfort to your pet. Multiple ports make it easy for the nail grinder to be used for different size of nails. The motor is really quiet and will not scare your pet away.

What did I not like?

Even though the motor is really quiet, there is an issue with the vibration that can cause distress to some pets. Also, the battery included isn't rechargeable. You will have to get two new batteries for it to work again.

For a small price and convenience of use, the Benicci pet nail grinder is a smart choice. It will not need charging since it runs on batteries. You will have to carry some spare batteries though. Also, for very strong nails, it is better to clip the top before grinding it into shape.

Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017

Siensync electric pet nail grinder is yet another extremely cheap nail grinder that you will find in the market.

  • The diamond bit grinding part works pretty good on most pet nails.
  • The speed is decent and thus it will allow you great control while grinding the nails.
  • The grinder has two different ports for small and large nails or you can simply remove the top to expose the entire grinder and go for some faster grinding.
  • It runs on two 1.5V AA batteries. So, you need not worry about charging it and you can simply put another pair of batteries when one pair is discharged. This is a great advantage for those who have been looking for a nail grinder for the travel.
  • Do remember to keep this away from water and excessive moisture and do not try to clean it with water.
  • Also, do not use it for more than 5 seconds at a time so as not to cause discomfort due to heat generated by friction. At a really low price, you wouldn't even mind the investment.

What did I not like?

Not including battery with the product is really not expected. Also, the motor power is not enough to do the really strong and hard nails. You will probably be looking for a different product in that case. This happens with large dogs in general.

A an amazingly low price and with the convenience of using only a couple of 1.5V AA batteries to power the pet nail grinder, it is a great buy, especially if you are going out and taking your pet with you to some other location. Also, this will work like a charm on the smaller pets and those with a bit soft nails where clipping can cause pain. This is a really safe product and will be a good choice if you do not mind getting the battery yourself.

Innopaw Electric - Low budget people's choice pet nail grinder 2017

Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017

INNOPAW has come up with a really low cost and extremely effective pet nail grinder. The design is created such that it is easy to hold and use as well as the grinder fits perfectly the different size of the nails.

The grinder and the body are made quite durable and the quality of the motor is also good. Thus, you have a great nail grinder that is both human friendly and pet friendly. The multiple ports allow grinding different types of nails ranging from small one to the large one.

What did I not like?

While the nail grinder has a large port, it is not really meant for the large pets. The motor is not as strong and this makes grinding of the nails a long task.

Those who have small and medium sized pets and wish to have a nail grinder that will not create much issue in terms of injuring the pet r scaring away due to noise, the INNOPAW nail grinder is a great choice. It is durable and also comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can simply ask for it to be returned if you are not satisfied.

Amir Premium - Quietest pet nail grinder

Best Pet Nail Grinder For Cat And Dog – Buyer’s Guide Sep/2017

Even with the quiet variety of pet nail grinders, there are those that will emit some sound and the pets can get scared. Well, not with this one though.

This is super quiet and works perfectly, especially on the small pets such as small cats and kittens. You will never wish to hurt the little one by mistake and AMIR premium pet nail grinder ensures that. Moreover, this is really easy on the pocket.

What did I not like?

In order to make this super quiet, they have compromised a lot on the power of the motor. You will get great result with the small pets but just decent result with medium size ones. You cannot use this if you have large pets and got to grind very tough nails.

If you wanted a pet nail grinder that will not scare your pet and you will not have to shell out too much from your pocket, this is a great choice. Of course, this is not meant for the large pets.

The pet nail grinders reviewed here will work great with all types of cats and dogs. Cats or normal dogs have softer claws and almost any nail grinder will work perfectly. However, you need to take special attention if you have a big dog with strong claws. Most of the nail grinders will not be suitable for the purpose.

I have included a professional grade product as well for that purpose, however, it is advisable to use a nail clipper to shorten the nails before using nail grinder in case of large dogs with strong nails. This is for the best result. Also, never use nail grinders for too long. Use it in short spells of about 5 seconds so that the heat due to friction does not hurt your beloved pet.

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