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Best Natural Tips for Straightening Silky Hair in Summer Season

By Stylishwalks @stylishwalks

Summer can bring real damage to your hair with sweat. When you love to move to a beach or a pool then you may be worried that chlorine or salt water can bring additional damage. You may be worried you cannot flaunt your hair(silky, shiny and bouncy hair) and funky jewelry in hot summer. But, is it really possible to beat the heat out and take care of your hair in sun? Don’t fret, follow these natural tips to get beautiful straight silky hair in summer.

summer season hair tips

Avoid heat tools for healthy hair in summer:
Going for heat tools like blow-dryers, curling irons or hair straighteners to polish hairs is common among many women these days to get their favorite tresses. But these tools can actually do a lot of damage than good to your hair by breaking or over drying hair if used continuously for hair-styling purpose. So avoid continuous usage of heat tools for better hair.

Drinking water for healthy hair in summer:
Water is considered as the best beauty elixir not just for your skin or body, but also for your shiny hair as well. Since water constitutes to most of our body level(55-60%) it is important for us to keep the pH levels of our body to normal always. When enough water is not available/supplied to body to sustain cell reproduction, it will create profound effects on all body which in turn impacts hair growth as well.

Homemade Hair Packs in Summer:

To protect your hair from summer weather you can also go for some simple natural hair packs that can be made at home easily. Hair packs are vital because they bring the extra strength and shine to your already damaged hair. Go for DIY Henna, Egg or Yogurt hair masks or hair packs which can be easily prepared at home.

Keep your hair clean in summer:
Its important that you wash your hair every alternate day(thrice a week) to remove the dust, dirt and sweat from your hair during the summer season. Don’t use shampoos which are hard on your skin. Instead go for mild shampoos since you are going for a hair wash every alternate day. Best thing is you can try conditioner instead of a shampoo whenever required.

Nutritious and Super-foods for Healthy Hair:
Good and balanced diet is not only essential for your body but also for your hair as well. Including fresh fruits and vegetables like Almonds, Cashews, Spinach, Broccoli, Walnuts, Eggs, Skimmed milk, Soy foods, Lentils, rice, dairy products, eggs, wheatgrem, legumes, oats, strawberry, onion, cabbage, cucumber, cauliflower, etc in your daily diet regime will improve the strength of your hair. These foods supply promotes your hair growth and shine by supplying enough nutrients to your hair and improves the blood circulation as well.

Oiling your Hair:
Applying oil on your hair once a week is extremely important to improve the quality of your hair. You can apply almond or coconut oil which give not only strength to the hair roots but also repairs hair damage. To reap some good benefits of hair oil, massage the oil on your hair overnight and take head bath next morning. After bath, don’t blow-dry your hair as it makes the hair too dry and weak.

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