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Best Hygge Gifts To Warm Your Home This Winter

By Junefrazier

Tobys Bone is the perfect place to find an offering of relaxation this holiday season. From cozy sweaters and coffee shops with books, all in a Danish or Norwegian style called hygge – Tobys Bone has what you need! Our slow-paced world needs these moments of stillness more than ever before; it’s why we stock up on items that help bring comfort into one’s home so they can enjoy them anytime day or night without worry about how much longer until next paycheck comes around again…

Custom Sock

Best Hygge Gifts To Warm Your Home This Winter

You know your business is serious about having a sense of humor. Show that off by giving the gift they’ll never forget, custom socks! These fun and unique items are perfect for any occasion – from promotions to holidays or even just because you care enough to give something special on their anniversary (which falls this year!). We offer free samples so it’s easy as pie choosing colors that are right up your alley too; not only do we want every customer satisfied with what was purchased but also excitedly recommend us in future purchases due out soon after receiving an amazing product at no extra charge. See more custom socks with faces.

Confetti Candle Co Candles

The Confetti Candle Co is a brand that specializes in calming and cozy candles. Their scents range from hygge, to cozy cabin (a perfect scent for winter), as well as fall comfort with golden accents- which will make your home feel luxurious without sounding too dramatic or overbearing! Every one of these candle rolls smell amazing; their ambient glow makes them the ideal gift any friend would love receiving on Christmas morning if they’re looking forward towards an evening read by fireside later today…

Handmade Ceramic Mug

Caring for your hands is important, which means you should be sure to use a mug that will keep them warm and comfortable. Our handmade ceramic mugs are both microwaveable and dishwasher safe so they can go in the kitchen as well! They come with an elegant wide cylindrical body perfect for holding hot liquids or tea without getting burned by direct sunlight coming through window screens during winter months

Macrame Plant Hangers

These handwoven macrame plant hangers are perfect for nestling in your favorite greenery. They come in a variety of colors and will add that cozy feeling whenever you see them hanging from the wall, especially if it’s an area with lots natural light!

OluKai Nohea Heu Slippers

Best Hygge Gifts To Warm Your Home This Winter

OluKai’s Nohea Heu slippers are a must-have for those who want to feel Snuggled feet. With removable and washable footbeds, these cozy shoes will keep your toes warm all winter long! The breathable fabric makes them perfect during cold weather as well–you won’t have any trouble keeping cool in this comfortable outfit while wearing it around the house or on date night with bae (or both!).

Pampas Grasses

Pampas grasses, which are tall flowering ornamental grasses with a tendency to be adored by butterflies and other bugs alike. They’re perfect for adding natural vibes into your home without the need of developing green thumb! You can find these in both faux stems or dried ones at any local store–just make sure you have enough space because they grow pretty long when placed on their own flooring (not so much if there’s something like bamboo beneath).

Customizable Wool Wall Hangings

For the perfect gift, give someone their very own custom-made piece of art. Whether it be a wool wall hanging or an original painting made just for them by HarlowViolet – you can make anything!
The customizable nature makes this unique offering even more special because no two people will have exactly alike items in their homes as they hunt down that one truly individual touch. Add some warmth and character into any room with knitted pieces from our collection: there are options available to suit every personality type (or style).

Eddie Bauer Fireside Plush Pullover

Best Hygge Gifts To Warm Your Home This Winter

I love a big, cozy sweater to give me that feeling of warmth and contentment. And this one from Eddie Bauer is just what I need! The soft Sherpa material will feel amazing against your skin as it slides over you like silk-weighty goodness – perfect for cozying up in when its getting cold outside or snuggling down with while watching TV on those lazy days at home after work.

Rustic Ceramic Planters

The rustic ceramic planter is a simple yet effective way to bring the natural beauty of plants into your home. It has an organic shape that makes it work well with modern décor and can be used in both indoors or outdoors, depending on how much sunlight each spot receives during different times throughout year! These handmade pieces are so durable you could even wash them by hand if needed – no need for pesky tools like rakes etc., just use water from trickling streams (or maybe even put some humorously rated detergent) without worrying about damaging itsstructural integrity .

Floral Engraved Boho Moon

This boho moon is perfect for anyone who wants to get closer to nature. The engraved floral pattern on the light wood will bring together two things that are often seen separately: flowers and stars in an evening sky over your head, or leaves rustling amongst one another underfoot as they fall from their branches onto soft earth below you walk through them like daisies scattered by a gentle rainstorm…

This illumination helps remind us how interconnected all living creatures really are; it’s both calming yet uplifting at once–a reminder of what life can be when we stop worrying so much!

Eddie Bauer Plush Sherpa Fleece Throw

Best Hygge Gifts To Warm Your Home This Winter

The Eddie Bauer Sherpa Fleece Throw is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a little extra snuggles during this holiday season. Reversible and diverse, it features faux shearling popcorn fleece that will keep you warm on cold winter days or cool summer nights as well! With countless reviews from satisfied customers like “This was just what I needed after months of living without one,” there’s no doubt in our minds why we love these throws so much – they’re versatile enough to go anywhere with friends and family yet provide maximum comfort at home too.

Leather Journal

What’s more calming than a cup of tea and some peaceful writing? Nothing! These handmade, soft leather-bound journals are perfect for anyone looking to take the time out from their busy schedule. They come in all different colors so you can find one that matches your personality or style preferences best—and with such beautifully crafted designs it will definitely be an accessory at any hygge inspired home. For someone who loves themselves some self care this would make them feel special as well because they’ll know how much effort went into making such a personal gift

Hygge Gift Box

The perfect gift for anyone, with a handmade hygge box and everything inside. Whether you have someone in your life that has all the stress of holiday shopping on their plate or prefer to go at it alone this pre-made package is sure to make any one happy!

Fjällräven Vardag Classic Beanie

The Fjällräven Vardag Classic Beanie is the perfect hat to wear when you want cozy vibes and warmth. It’s double-layered so that it holds its shape even after wearing, but still soft enough for comfort at home or on errands around town! With an adjustable strap closure in back (so no worry about losing half your head), this beanie would be great paired up with some thin leggings from our own line of clothing as well – just because we know how much simpler life can get if one has their matching set(s) together


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