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Best Hair Tattoo Artist in Sabang Port, Palawan.

By Jonathan Orbuda @ilovetansyong

Best Hair Tattoo Artist in Sabang Port, Palawan.

My New Hair Tattoo for only 150 pesos.

Getting to Sabang Port.
There are two ways for you to get to Sabang Port from the town proper of Puerto Princesa where we came from and that is via jeepney or van.

Best Hair Tattoo Artist in Sabang Port, Palawan.

You can choose any of the designs available.

Getting to Sabang via Jeepney/Non-Air-conditioned Bus is the best option for those who want to spend lesser amount of expenses. From Puerto Princesa, just ask anyone how to get to San Jose Terminal. San Jose Terminal is the starting point for you to ride a Jeepney going to your destination. At San Jose Terminal, you can ask the different schedules of the Departure.
Second Option is to hire a Van if you’re with your friends, At the town Proper of Puerto Princesa, Innumerable local Van for hire are available but then , you have to be tactful during negotiation. Or if you are alone you can ride a using shuttle service which is also available at San Jose Terminal.
What about Sabang?
Sabang is famous small village in Palawan, Philippines because the Port that served as an entry point to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is located there named “Sabang Port”. The Village is too much silent for me since I used to live in a noisy environment.  At First you will notice that there's not much in the village except services for those who are going to visit the river but if you have enough time I suggest you to roam around. By that, you will discover the various things in Sabang like Bars and Resto.
We arrived most likely 10AM in Sabang. Since the schedule of our boat going to the Underground River is 1PM, we decided to take our Packed Lunch by then. We just sat down at the shore; it was like a picnic at all. After the lunch, we agreed to swim.  I enjoyed the almost 1hr of unplanned swimming.
The Artist

Best Hair Tattoo Artist in Sabang Port, Palawan.

A new friends from Sabang 

While waiting for the boat, I met this two men wearing black. I admired them because of their looks. They are setting beside the shore, selling summer accessories, offering permanent and henna tattoos. The first man with a dread locks hair is the one doing a permanent tattoo and selling accessories. The second one is the one doing Hair Tattoo. I talked to them, they were very friendly. I asked about the Hair Tattoo as I’ve seen it in their Tarpaulins.
To do- Hair Tattoo
Best Hair Tattoo Artist in Sabang Port, Palawan.

Hair Tattoo is an artistry that needs to be done in a person’s hair who wants to undergo the procedure. Different designs will be done in you scalp having artwork printed on your head. For an amount of PHP 300 you can now have a hair tattoo. But I tried to bargain up to PHP150 and the Artist agreed.
After the negotiation, he will bring you to his Barber shop a few minutes away from the beach where the tarpaulin  was located.
It’s going to be an exciting new looks in summer to have this unique form of art, its daring yet fashionable.
The Place
Sabang is very small so everything in the village is within vicinity. On the Pier, truly Sabang people love basketballs because of its court located right at the Port. 45 Ferry Boats are registered that are waiting the tourists. It’s a 20 min voyage from The Port to the Underground River. These boats carry a maximum of 6 passengers; just make sure to wear your life jacket prior the on departure. Also you have to remember the boat number to avoid switching of passengers once you go back.

Best Hair Tattoo Artist in Sabang Port, Palawan.

Ferry Boats Waiting for the passengers  

The Experience.
Waiting for 3 hour for our boat departure was the best and quality time of fun and activities; I was able to eat our lunch, to swim and to have a new look with my hair tattoo.

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