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Best Great Gifts For 11 Year Old Boy | Toys For 11 Year Old Boys.

By Irene Ross
Best Great Gifts For 11 Year Old Boy | Toys For 11 Year Old Boys.

So, who makes it into our unique selection of great gifts for 11 year old boy ?

Well, turning 11 brings considerable change to your boy and you should start seeing him as more of a pre-teen rather than a child.

With this change, it becomes hard to tell his likes/dislikes. It also follows that you have to work harder to get gift ideas for 11 year old boy.

In this post, I will be briefing you on some awesome toys for 11 year olds and also disclose top parental secrets that will help you land the best gifts for eleven year old boy

First, let me take you through some 11 year old boy gifts that perfectly match their needs at this transitional age...

Here they are;

1. JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table with Net Set.

Does he have interest in table tennis? Or do you feel that he can excel in ping pong? Then, the inside table tennis table could be the best birthday gift.

It measures 9X5 foot- just like all completion grade tables and comes with a net set to allow him to push himself like a pro.

Plus its 2-piece design allows him to unfold one half and leave the other vertical so that he can play even without a partner.

  • Standard Measurements (9×5 foot)
  • Made from thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
  • 95% pre-assembled
  • Solo playback mode
  • 4-wheel trolley system
  • Anti-tilting locks
  • Thick steel legs(with leg height adjusters)
  • Multi-layered painted surface
  • Folding halves
Pros Cons
    the side screws may need reinforcing otherwise they fall off

If he prefers to have fun by playing table tennis, this assures him a fun-filled game. It's affordable, supports solo play, and comes 95% pre-assembled.

Its sleek frame and separable halves provide compact storage. We consider it one of the fun toys for 11 year olds

2. Razor Dune Buggy

Your child could also do with some off-road entertainment.

And if you get a vehicle that shines in lower torque climbing as well as high torque gearing, the fun will be raining on your boy!

The electric-powered Razor dune buggy is one of the ultimate buggies backcountry cruising. It's powered by a muscular 350-watt motor and can accelerate to an amazing ten miles per hour speed.

For safety, there is a cage between the driver and the outside, padded bucket seat with a seatbelt and excellent braking.

    350-watt electric motor(no fuel needed)
    24V (two 12V) rechargeable battery system(Includes Battery charger )
Pros Cons
    Battery takes longer to charge

This is a Compact children dune buggy with a powerful motor and top-most safety features. Whenever you want to take him for outside fun, then not many of the rated best gifts for 11 year old boy beats it!

3. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit.

Getting him to know his way around electronics could be the spark that ignites the engineer in him.

The snap electronics discovery kit provides an excellent practical introduction to electronics and contains more than 30 color-coded electronic circuit components.

The set provides 101 practice projects and is a fun-filled way of delivering electronic education.

Features Pros
  • Comes with a simple training manual
  • The components snap together easily without needing any tools
  • Its box liner keeps the components neatly organized
  • It doesn't require much adult involvement- he will soon learn to do it on his own
  • The pieces are very sturdy
  • Promotes STEM education
  • For a start, he might need some guidance
  • As he grows, he may become used to it so you might need to upgrade to something belter.

This award-winning electronic circuits set has 30 components that can be combined in 101 ways to let kids practice how to make circuit boards similar to those found inside common electronics like televisions, radios, alarms amongst other electronic devices.

It's another best-selling gift for 11 year old boy

4. My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope.

A microscope is a wonderful gift and surprisingly, it doesn't cost as much as some of the other popular toys for 11 year olds

It reveals to your boy a new wonderful hidden world and can inspire him to pursue a top career in science.

The reputable Duo-Scope 2-in 1 microscope provides exciting hands-on learning and joy, piquing his interest in science and keeping him away from the TV or the smartphone.

Features Pros Cons
    The light may not be bright enough for some experiment

This microscope delivers complete hands-on learning and pleasure and may make your boy fall in love with sciences.

It is a brilliant way of moving him from his TV or smartphone and another recommended STEM education tool!

5. Akaso Drone Quadcopter.

Rather than buying him an ordinary helicopter- he must have played with one when he was younger anyway-, why not buy him a quadcopter?

The AKASO drone quadcopter has a detachable hull plus blade guards thus it is safe to fly indoors and outdoors.

It delivers high-speed flight and he can use its speed control button to switch to high-performance mode.

He can also enjoy unlimited tricks including a 360 degree rotate, left/rightward, and up/downward etc.

Features Pros Cons
  • The camera images are not so clear
  • It requires some learning

The AKASO drone quadcopter is a high speed flight device that can be flown indoors and outdoors. It also packs unending tricks such as left/rightward, up/downward, a 360 degree rotate amongst others.

6. Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart.

Learning the basics of racing is crucial for any child aspiring to pursue motorsports as a hobby.

Now, go-kart racing is a favorite fun activity in many American homes and is a superb way to introduce him to motor racing.

The electric powered Razor Ground Force Go-Kart can speed up to 12 mph (Miles per hour) and features stable cast aluminum wheels, a strong steel construction plus an upgraded rear axle for better maneuverability.

It sets tongues wagging as soon as he zooms off!

  • Molded aluminum wheels
  • Powered by 2 lead-acid Battery(12v)
  • Battery recharge: 4-6 hours
  • Maximum weight: 140-pound
  • Hand-controlled accelerator
  • Handbrake
  • Speed: up to 12 mph
  • 45 minutes' drive per charge
  • 4-1/2-inch tires
Pros Cons
  • It has a low profile and taller kids may struggle with it
  • Doesn't work well in dirty terrains

Racing at maximum speeds of 12mph around flat lanes or a cul-de-sac, the Razor Ground Force Go-Kart makes the impossible possible.

Your kid will enjoy a smooth, glorious operation as he laps competitors on the way to popping the winners champagne.

Boys like this hence it's one of the cool gifts for 11 year old boy

7. Spalding NBA Mini Basketball Hoop.

At 11 years, your boy may already be dreaming of being the next Michael Jordan.

If this is the case, can you imagine his reaction when you present him a fun hoop to have him continue with his game even when the weather won't play ball?

The Spalding NBA Slam Jam Hoop is a replica of the official NBA backboard and brings the NBA experience to your doorstep.

It fit over you're your door without damaging it and will make your kid forget about the normal winter tribulations.

Features Pros Cons
  • It cannot hold weight
  • The ball feels a little heavier for smaller kids

This indoor basketball hoop delivers hours of indoor fun to your young basket-baller. It comes with a replica NBA ball and padded door hooks to ensure your door is not damaged.

This is one of the toys for 11 year old boys which charm him even during a harsh winter.

8. Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Goal Set of 2.

Specializing in one sport may detrimental to your kids overall growth. In fact, experts believe that it is only by exposing him to different sports that could make you learn where your kids' true talent lies.

So, how do you easily introduce him to hockey? The answer lies in gifting him a complete mini-hockey set that's purposely created for beginners.

A kit that prepares kids for a future in hockey is the Franklin sports mini hockey goal set. It features everything he needs to enjoy and build his budding hockey skills.

Features Pros
    It is safe even for younger kids
    Constant folding and unfolding seems to weaken it

The Franklin sports mini hockey goal set has all that your kid will ever need to succeed as an upcoming hockey start.

It also includes a polyester carry bag so that you can move with it to where the action is.

9. Amscope-Kids M30-Abs-Kt2-W Microscope Kit.

Microscopes can have one eyepiece (monocular), two eyepieces (binocular), or three eyepieces (trinocular) with each featuring different magnification abilities.

The AmScope kids kt2 microscope kit is a starter compound microscope with a monocular viewing head integrated with LED & mirror illumination,

It also has a built-in color filtering wheel to enable it view various specimen types

What makes excellent for young users is the rack-and-pinion focus mechanism which delivers precise focusing.

  • Monocular viewing head
  • Integrated color filter wheel
  • Rack-and-pinion focus
  • LED & mirror illumination
  • Forward-facing rotating turret (up to 1200x magnification)
  • Hard-sided plastic ABS casing
  • AA batteries powered LED light
  • 52-piece accessory kit
Pros Cons
  • You may feel like the eye hole is a bit smaller for bigger boys to focus
  • Your kid may need some training before he fully grasps everything

This is a superb compound microscope for beginners.

It has a powerful monocular viewing head and is enhanced with a LED-mirror illumination and a rack-and-pinion focus mechanism which delivers precise focusing.

And it reaches a magnification level of up to 1200x

10. BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with Trainer.

If your boy is crazy about technology, a droid would really delight him.

The BB-8 App-Enabled Droid is easily controlled with any smart device and can be made better by training it using the augmented reality trainer accessory.

It responds to voice commands and adapts to the owners' behavior.

Your boy can also send him to patrol or send holographic message videos.

Alternatively, he can make him a number 1 spy and send him it out to record conversations and happenings.

Features Pros Cons
    Works best only on hard surfaces

The BB-8 App-Enabled Droid is a specially designed robot and very good for adventure and resistance.

It never disappoints and packs all the features necessary to accomplish its mission. It is much more than just one of the contemporary Christmas gifts for 11 year old boy

Factors To Consider When Buying Great Gifts For 11 Year Old Boy.

In doing our selection, we had to leave out more than 50 gift ideas for 11 year old boy as we felt they didn't meet some of our quality and suitability tests.

Our selection criteria focused on the following issues;

Good presents for 11 year old boy should stimulate his brains, enhance his overall potential, or at least improve his social skills.

And since you are not buying him a gift for the sake of buying, we only pick those that clearly improve your boys' development aspects

Without a doubt, great gifts for 11 year old boy are those that have been made with this age group in mind.

You can't imagine the embarrassment you expose him to if your Christmas present to him is a toy gun meant for 8-year-olds or a scooter created for teens!

Cheap quality will shame you as your gift may break down only after a few uses or keep disappointing with its constant misconfiguration.

He is still your child and you need him to remain safe and healthy. Avoid toys that could be dangerous- for example, to ride- or having limited safety features.

Your son has by now developed a sense of passion, hobbies and can even out-rightly identify with certain activities. For example, you may have noted he likes music or F1 racing.

Thus, you will be sure he would really appreciate a guitar or a racing car.

Wrapping It Up

A lot is happening to him physically, mentally and socially at eleven so, it can be quite challenging telling what should make it into your list of great gifts for 11 year old boy

His safeties, personal tastes, gifts' ability to advantage him, quality and suitability to children at 11 years are among the things you should concentrate on when skimming through gifts for 11 year old boys

If you remember this, you will realize there is no shortage of cool toys for 11 year olds.

And since we have covered some of the most popular toys for 11 year olds in this write-up, your work should now be a whole lot easier.

Good luck!

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