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Best 20 Inch Tires for Dodge Ram 1500 – Expert Review and Guide

By Kencoul

For any truck owner, there are usually two reasons why they're looking for new tires. It's either that the old tires are worn out and need to be replaced. Or it's the need to upgrade from the factory/stock tires to something that has better grip, enhances the ability to go off the road, comes with a promise of lasting longer, or offers something that the generic choice just wouldn't.

We're looking at the best 20 inch tires for Dodge Ram 1500. The specific rim diameter (20 inches) isn't available as stock size from the factory but is also a possible upgrade from the smaller stock tires. Keep in mind that with certain tires you might need to change the wheels if you're upgrading them or moving away from the manufacturer-recommended size. Choosing the right tire is of prime importance, but don't let the information overload daunt you. This guide will make things very easy and clear.

Priced slightly more than brands like Cooper and Federal, the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A is an all-terrain radial tire. It's made primarily for highway use and is also available as factory fitment on some trucks. This well-trusted tire will offer a quiet ride. That makes it the perfect companion for daily use.

But that's certainly not where its appeal ends. It's also an all-season-rated tire, so expect similar performance in rain, snow, and even ice. It's mainly because of its wide circumferential grooves (which push water away from the tire, therefore reducing the chances of hydroplaning), wet traction compound, and most importantly, its zig-zag microgrooves. The cornering grip is enhanced with the help of TredLock microgrooves.

The Wrangler SR-A is available in a variety of sizes, and this one here is a 275/55 R20. It's got an 'S' speed rating and a maximum load capacity of 2403 pounds.

The Goodyear Wrangler SR-A looks like a good choice if you are willing to spend slightly more for overall good quality, added peace of mind, and a confirmed warranty from the manufacturer. Drop a message to the seller confirming the tire's manufacturing date, compatibility, and of course, the warranty. Goodyear backs the tire with a replacement limited warranty, with a tread coverage of 50,000 miles. Users appreciate the ride comfort and long life.

M/T is Mud Terrain, so this is for those looking at taking their Dodge Ram 1500 off the road. Due to its positioning as an M/T tire, you can be sure that it's been strengthened accordingly - it'll take on the treacherous conditions without failing. The tread also has to be made in a way that even on low-traction surfaces, the tire grips the road all the way through.

Improved traction in the mud

The 20-inch radial tire is touted as the 'ultimate off-road tire'. It's got a high-tread ply rating and comes with 2 or 3 ply sidewall for added strength. To complement that, its tread is designed in such a way to offer traction in the mud. The overall tread design is such that foreign particles get cleared, so there's no compromise made in the overall grip levels.

Federal Tyres claims that above-average traction off the road is accompanied by a quiet ride on paved roads. That in itself makes the tire a solid choice for someone looking for a tire that handles off-road well. It gets a reinforced compound that aids the tire's durability against the usual enemies of tires: cuts, chips, and abrasions. The block design aids traction and control by offering a way out for dirt, sand, and gravel. It's got an aggressive tread design while the shoulder has been strengthened as well.

What does all of it mean? It means the tire is ready to take on some serious off-roading. But that doesn't mean it's bad on public roads, either. It's got a Mud+Snow rating, weighs 44.1 pounds, and comes with a 'Q' speed rating. Users are happy with the overall experience (both on and off the road). Check with the seller about when the tire was manufactured, the applicable warranty and compatibility - this one's a 33×12.5 R20.

Best 20 Inch Tires for Dodge Ram 1500 – Expert Review and Guide

The Discoverer H/T Plus All-Season tire from Cooper is aimed at highway users, but it's M+S rated and is backed by good looks. Perfect for your daily Dodge Ram 1500, the Cooper tire is an all-season tire, so you can expect decent performance in all kinds of weather. It has a 'T' speed rating and is said to be a great factory replacement as well as a good choice for those looking to upgrade from a smaller tire.

It's available in a variety of sizes, but the one we're talking about here is a 275/60 R20. According to Cooper's specs, it's got an XL load capacity, max load capacity of 2998 pounds, and tire weight of 44 pounds. The non-directional tire is made in a way to ensure max water evacuation and stable and confident handling.

The alternating tread block geometry ensures the tire delivers confident handling and lasts long with balanced tire wear. It's made to offer a quiet ride as well. In addition to that, the lateral siping and grooves further help in keeping a check on irregular wear and also help water pass through, thereby lowering the chances of hydroplaning. The circumferential grooves aid in that and also make the truck more drivable in difficult conditions like slush.

If you're likely to spend more time doing highway miles or on paved surfaces, the Cooper Discoverer makes a lot of sense. Its road-biased nature helps in that, but at the same time, it's going to be drivable off the road as well. But given its positioning, you must keep in mind that it won't really meet the challenge for specialist needs. Users have appreciated the looks, low price, and the overall performance from the tire. Before making the purchase, check with the seller about compatibility, tire manufacturing date, and warranty. As Cooper is particular about entertaining warranties on tires sold through the official channel only, check about that as well.

With the Dodge Ram 1500, you've already got a great looking truck. And what could be better than adding a good-looking tire like the Pirelli Scorpion STR? It's made for SUVs, is available in various sizes (this one is 275/55 R20), and promises improved ride, high mileage, and lowered noise levels. It's a touring-spec all-season tire, which implies it's made for those looking at doing more highway/paved miles.

Improved handling and braking

The tire itself is made of a mix of silica and natural rubber. With this combination, the Pirelli Scorpion STR improves the grip and overall drivability in wet and light snow surfaces. The tire is designed to offer good handling regardless of driving conditions. Apart from good road-holding characteristics, it aids the truck's braking as well. This has been made possible with the help of inclined blocks with intensive siping.

But that's all about handling and grip, what about ride quality? For that, Pirelli offers a continuous central rib on the tire. With this, not only does the ride quality improve, but it also lessens the road noise. That in itself is considered a boon for those who have their truck as a daily driver.

The Pirelli Scorpion STR for Dodge Ram 1500 makes for a good choice if your use is mainly on a paved surface. It's not for off-roading, and while it may be all-season, it's certainly not all-terrain. So keep that in mind. It's an H-rated tire, weighs 47 pounds, and has a max load of 2403 pounds. Pirelli backs the tire with a 50,000 mile and 1-year warranty, but check with the seller about the tire's manufacturing date, and the compatibility.

If you're serious about taking your beloved Dodge Ram 1500 off-road or in some serious snow, then the BF Goodrich T/A KO2 is made for you. It's said to be the brand's toughest tire ever and is bound to captivate you with its abilities. It's available in sizes ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches. This one we're talking about here is a 275/55 R20.

Priced considerably higher than basic budget offerings, the BF Goodrich T/A KO2 is likely to be an ideal match for your truck if off-roading is your main concern. To start with, it's got a longer tread life, which is achieved by an assurance that the tire wear will be even. And how does BF Goodrich assure that? By offering locking 3-D sipes and an advanced tire footprint shape for a better, evenly distributed stress and thus longer tire life.

The sidewalls are 20 percent tougher thanks to a split and bruise resistant sidewall rubber, increased thickness of the rubber, and a design that deflects foreign objects from damaging the sidewall. And that's certainly not all! The interlocking tread elements take care of both on- and off-road driving. In more difficult conditions, the serrated shoulder design offers good traction in mud, snow, and on rocks. Raised bars in the shoulder tread help with traction in muddy and soft soil. The tire's design also gives it resistance against stone retention, thereby ensuring less likelihood of stone drilling. The tread rubber is made to reduce chip and tear as well.

The BF Goodrich T/A KO2 is a tough tire. But you're better off picking them up if off-roading is your primary objective or you have to handle some difficult terrain regularly. Also, the ride isn't going to improve. We'd suggest you drop the seller a message about compatibility, tire's manufacturing date, and the warranty. BF Goodrich mentions that the tire is backed by a limited warranty of 6 years or till the point there is 2/32nd of an inch of tread remaining (referred to as the life of the original usable tread).

What are the best 20 inch tires for Dodge Ram 1500?

The selection of tires here will help you choose the best tire for Dodge Ram 1500, but before making your final choice, you need to prioritize how you're going to use your truck. If you're going to handle highway driving but with some off-roading, the Goodyear Wrangler is the one to go for. If it's going to be driven largely on the road, then the Pirelli Scorpion is our choice. Those looking at mainly off-road use will appreciate the BF Goodrich T/A . It's the strongest tire here, made to handle the most difficult off-road situations. The Cooper tire makes for a great all-round choice, whereas the Federal tire is ready to handle mud and snow as well.

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