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Bernie and the Boys – Heavenly Food in the Most Unexpected Location

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

Tucked away in the small town of Drumheller, AB is a gem of a restaurant called Bernie and the Boys. If you are craving a satisfying meal and an amazing milkshake to wash it down with then this is the place to go. The restaurant has even been featured on Food Network as a “You Gotta Eat Here” spot.

Bernie and the Boys Outside Drumheller Alberta

Bernie and the Boys

We started our meal with a Canadian staple…poutine! If you have never had poutine (shame on you) it’s basically french fries with hot gravy and cheese curds. It might sound like a simple dish, but it’s not! Everyone does it differently, different style fries, different thickness of gravy, and different cheese curds. This was amazing! The cheese curds were so large and the gravy was hot enough to still melt them into the fries. Superb!

Poutine is a must eat at Bernie and the Boys

Look at the size of those cheese curds!

Kenin opted for G’s Special Burger. It was a monstrous beast with all the regular trimmings plus bacon, mushrooms, and melted cheese. It was a thing of pure beauty. The restaurant uses 100% pure Alberta beef in their burgers. The burger meat was so fresh and delicious.

G's Special

Kenin’s Monster of a burger

You know you have a great burger when you need to cut it in half just to be able to handle it.

G's special burger

I need a bib to eat this!

I opted for a Hawaiian burger. It was magical. Barbecue sauce on the patty, pineapples warmed through, ham, and cheese on a perfect bun. It was so good I scarfed down the whole thing with barely a breath in between bites.

Hawaiian burger

Hawaiian burger

Bernie and the Boys are known not just for their food, but also for their fabulous shakes. They have ever flavor you can think of and are even willing to experiment and mix flavors at request. This bad boy was a Toffee Crunch. Ideal for washing down some poutine.

Shake shake shake...

Shake shake shake…

Hot wings are one of our favorite foods. They have hot wings here that require a waiver, known as the Blair Wing Project. We opted to go a step below that (it’s a long drive back to the hotel) and try their Liquid Magma. It was surprisingly delicious even though it burned for a good 1/2 hour after. It’s hard to balance a super hot wing with flavor but Bernie and the Boys managed to pull it off beautifully.

Hot wings

Hot wings

Bernie and the Boys is about much more than just the food though. It’s packed with the hard to find  local small town charm. The table tops are done by a local artist. Loved this one!

Table tops

Table tops

This is the best way to tell exactly how good the food is at a restaurant. I would have licked the plates clean had I not been at bursting capacity.

Sign of a great meal

Sign of a great meal

The other thing I enjoyed about this place is the fact that’s it’s a family run place from top to bottom. These candy machines are owned by Bernie’s son, Andrew. He worked at the restaurant and saved money to buy these machines. He gets to keep all the money earned from his little vending machine business. Andrew is 12 and quite the entrepreneur. It great to see that the family runs their business as a family. It is quite common to see Bernie’s wife Carol behind the counter as well. They are all super friendly and love it when people stop in to say hi.

Candy machines

Candy machines

This amazing family owned restaurant was the perfect place to have a meal in Drumheller. A staple to the community, Bernie and the Boys serves up scrumptious food and fabulously friendly service. It is a must-visit if you ever find yourself in Drumheller, AB!

Details for Bernie and the Boys

305 4 St W
Drumheller, AB
(403) 823-3318

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