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Benghazi II: Keeping a Stunt Alive, Just to Continue Hitting You in the Face!

Posted on the 22 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
When you're a Republican and the Polls show your opponent has a double-digit lead over every candidate in your party, what do you do?? In the words of a political debate, from which lessons they never learned ..."Please! Proceed".
When Hillary Clinton's attorney, David Kendall's official response to the Benghazi II political show, was 'Bring It On'...concerns should have clicked in the minds of the all-wise.
The Official Clinton response: "While Secretary Clinton has testified before committees in both the House and the Senate about the tragic events in Benghazi, she has made clear that she will voluntarily testify publicly again before the Select Committee and, at that time, is 'happy to continue' to answer 'any' questions the Select Committee may have about her email use".
Are there any certain concerns about that Letter? Hillary, is "happy to continue to answer any question"? Hillary is even willing!...Please! Proceed Mr. Gowdy!
Giving Hillary Clinton the World Stage for her campaign against them!...she's going to show more than just what she was called to testify about! She 'is' running for the Presidency and a little target shooting at her opponents' expense, is extremely feasible and in full decorum on the Political Stage during Elections...go after them at their work, where prepared speeches are going get trumped by extemporaneous sound-bytes!
Giving the highest rated candidate in the country, center stage...when all the evidence and all the hearings have concluded, it's a dead issue! And you want to give Hillary the "Mic"?? What is considered a Politically Dumb move? Why would so-called "Professional" Politicos, who are beholden to so much money...act so freaking dumb? If You, Me, or Joe Shmoe does this, we would all be fired on the spot!
If you're going to lie, be good at it! The problem with the GOP is their horseshit is so open...they can't hide. Any Republican who calls Benghazi II "serious legislative work" either self-denying his own ignorance or enjoys good Political Theater!!
These hearings, at a heavy cost to the Taxpayers, have nothing to do with's Campaign Season!! What else do you need to know? John Boehner calling out Obama for covering up?...the conspiracy by Barack and Hillary!! And naturally, he says he'll bring it out throughout the 2016 campaign! Boehner...just another lousy liar, exploiting stupidity! It's all about the Republican Party's futile attempt to knock off Hillary. And if they do? be prepared for a female firestorm called...Hurricane Elizabeth! Either way, in 2016 Republican Misogyny is going down in defeat! A Democratic Woman will be elected President!'s History's time!
"A two-year investigation into Benghazi by the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee, found that the CIA and the Military acted appropriately and that there was also no wrongdoing by Obama Administration Appointees" That's an Official Report!
We, the Suckers...formally known as People, paid over $14 Million. 'Our' Tax Dollars that Republicans believe should be spent, wisely...are wisely going to pay their cost! And with Benghazi II, the estimate so far is about $1.5 Million...but, it's early folks!...give it time to grow!
6 Investigations, 50 Congressional Hearings, same strategies, more money wasted...and at the end, the exact same results. The only obvious strategy; Stop Hillary Clinton from running for President of the United States, because, internally the GOP knows they have absolutely no one, who can stand up toe to toe with Hillary in Debate Skills, Knowledge, Professional Decorum, or her Clinton Charm!
When your only strength is Fear, and your major weakness is Open Public Lies...the population is going to stop listening to the same horseshit, and vote for the other candidate. It's like smashing someone over the head, to make him understand what you're not going to make that person're just going to piss him more!! The Grand Old Party loves pissing the public off!
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