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Benefits of Green Living in Green Homes

Posted on the 10 February 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

People everywhere are making commitments to save energy in as many ways as they can, reduce waste and to provide a healthier environment for us all. And they are all doing this by Living Green. Living green is a concept Living Green in your homethat involves creating Green Homes; homes that make use of energy efficient appliances and various other energy efficient sources.

Homeowners are not the only ones that are benefiting from living green. Communities, families and the world in general have all been reaping the benefits of consumers being fiscally responsible and environmentally conscious. The more Green Homes that we see appearing means the less waste we will see in our landfills and the less we will all be paying for energy costs. Water usage can be reduced by up to 50 percent and energy usage up to 60 percent less with the construction of a green home, as we;; as many other benefits to living green.

Economic Benefits

Many consumers see the initial cost of green homes and assume they are much more expensive than conventional homes. And yes they may seem more expensive at first but the savings they experience in the future more than makes up the difference, and so people should consider it more of an investment. Green homes use less energy, require fewer repairs because of more durable building materials and provide lower energy costs. Many insurance companies will often charge lower premiums for green homes. The government has offered several tax breaks and rebates to those owning or buying green homes. As you can see there are savings all the way around when you go green in your home.

Health Benefits

Green homes can eliminate many health issues from poor air quality often known to be found in older homes by using nonvolatile organic and non-toxic materials. Many people that previous suffered from respiratory discovered their breathing was much better when they started living green. When home materials are made with natural ingredients, there is also going to be less mildew or mold developing in the home. Breathing is also much easier because the natural ventilation systems replace the stale indoor air with fresh clean outdoor air.

Environmental Benefits
Young girl sitting outdoors enjoying the clean environment

We’ve already heard about the small energy bills you’ll experience due to less energy usage as well as the many health benefits of having a green home. What we didn’t mention, which is probably one of the most important reasons for living green, is the benefit to our environment. When we use alternative or natural energy sources such as the wind, sun, biomass and geothermal energy, it reduces our dependence of fossil fuels and other conventional energy sources. We will no longer have to send billions of dollars to other countries for fossil fuel because our own supply is depleted.

So there really isn’t any good reasons NOT to live green in every way we can, including Green Homes. This article is just a short introduction on Green Homes, check back to our site for future posts as we look further into various aspects of living green with Green Homes.

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