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Bella Gelateria: Gelato Versions of Food

By Foodobyte @foodobyte

Bella Gelateria

Every meal in the day should be paired with dessert! Fact. It is simply immoral to deprive our bodies from such tantalizing treats. This is why MacaronMan, Echo and I walked over to Bella Gelateria to grab some award-winning gelato after we finished our grilled cheeses from Cheat Day.

Winner of the 2012 Florence Gelato Festival

Notably, the owner of this gelato shop won the 2012 Florence Gelato Festival.

Long Line

Perhaps that’s why line ups are almost standard. We went around 3PM and we still had to wait ~15 minutes to reach the counter. During peak hours, expect a queue that’s as long as a Basilisk.

Black Sesame, Earl Grey and Buko Pandan

After sampling some interesting flavours, we settled on three flavours: Black Sesame, Earl Grey and Buko Pandan. Be smart like us and order a triple scoop instead of three separate single scoops! It’ll save you a lot!

The Black Sesame was just like eating tong yuen (glutinous black sesame balls)! It had a strong, upfront black sesame flavor that was both good and bad. While it was really flavourful, it overpowered the other flavours.

The Earl Grey was my definite favorite. The eating experience was so interesting: the flavor gradually diffused outward to coat the palette. Aside from its cold temperature, it would be easy to mistake this gelato for drinking a luscious london fog.

Our last flavor drew inspiration from the Phillipines. The Buko Pandan was semi-sweet and coconut-y. The bits of chewy shredded coconut added a fun texture.

Bella Gelateria

Undoubtedly, all of the flavours are spot-on! However, I felt that the gelato was simply too soft and melted rather quickly. Near the end, I slurped up the rest of the gelato like soup.

Final Bytes

  1. Long long lines…
  2. I actually prefer Froshberg because it has unique flavours as well, but it doesn’t melt as fast
  3. Share a cup with friends!

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Bella Gelateria: Gelato Versions of Food

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