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Bekal- the Land of Biggest Fort in Kerala

By Vishnudas
Bekal- the land of biggest fort in Kerala Kerala, the state witnessing massive inflow of tourists throughout the year is rich in natural treasure
and historic wealth. A lot of specific features differentiate Kerala from the other states promoting tourism. An abundance of forests, wildlife, waterfalls, peak, rivers and all of nature’s blessings can be seen in Kerala. 

The evergreen forests and hilly trekking paths are not the only fascinating views that draw the attention of many of the tourists to Kerala.

The majestic forts at Bekal are also playing their part in promoting tourism to the land codenamed Gods own Country. Bekal is situated in the Kasargod district of Kerala. The forts in Bekal are well known for their proud appearance and they project the cultural and historic views of the Keralites. 

The fort has always remained the primary interest for nature lovers, tourists and the historians as it beholds the immortal memories of a glorious past. As the major portion of the exterior portion of fort is drenched with waves, it seems that the fort is built up on the sea. Ancient mosque of Muslims and the Lord Hanuman temple located nearly puts light on the religious harmony which majestically prevailed in the past. 

The entrance is zigzag and the fort has trenches around it which reflects the keenness maintained in defense strategy. This fort spread over 40 acres and is the biggest fort in Kerala.

 It is thought that fort was not center for administration but the intension was to fulfill requirements regarding the defense. Besides this the ecstatic and wild grace of setting sun is really a great view boosting the glory of the fort.

Much of Kasargod’s tourism is promoted by the activities in Bekal. The tourists are very interested to know more about the historic regimes of Bekal and its association in the Kerala politics at that time. Much of the ruins are available still and they are preserved to keep the emotions on high altitudes.The peak filled trekking paths and royal forts provide that external beauty for Bekal.

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