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Bee Watch 2012 Continues: Hillary Clinton Avoids Getting Stung At Malawian Airport!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

As we continue our world-wide watch of bees in 2012, we have learned from a report in the Nyasa Times that U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton avoided being stung by a swarm of mystery bees while boarding a plane to leave Malawi. According to the article:

“There was a slight panic as the bees winged across the airport. People could be seen running away to keep cover as the Secretary of State swiftly boarded her plane to avoid any stings,” an eye witness told Nyasa Times.

Sounds like smooth work by all involved leading to Secretary Clinton not being stung, because as we previously wrote about here, bees like their airplanes so much, 500,000 of them boarded a plane from Sweden to Greenland, so you can bet they would have loved to board that plane!

3 Less Likely Bees To Ensure Hillary Clinton Is Swiftly Escorted Onto An Airplane

1. Applebee’s. Applebee’s latest trademarked slogan, based on a visit to the restaurant’s web site is “See You Tomorrow.” Why don’t you want to see us today, Applebee’s? Don’t you know when we take your advice, and visit the web site tomorrow, it’s just going to keep telling us to visit tomorrow in perpetuity resulting in us never visiting the restaurant? That’s why we guess your “See You Tomorrow” marketing strategy would never get Hillary Clinton on a plane before it departs!

Bee Watch 2012 Continues: Hillary Clinton Avoids Getting Stung At Malawian Airport!

Whatever you do, do not come here today!

2. B. Brian Blair and Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell, a.k.a. the retired professional wrestlers once known as the “Killer Bees.” The good news is these Killer Bees would dropkick every bee in Hillary Clinton’s way, with maneuvers that would fly higher than any honey bee, but not as high as any airplane. The bad news is Bret the “Hitman Hart” and Jim the “Anvil” Neidhart would just use their move, the Hart Attack, to finish off the Killer Bees, and they would never be able to escort anyone into the plane, never mind win the WWF tag team championship!

3. Heather DeLoach, The Bee Girl from the Blind Melon “No Rain” video. MTV reported in December, 2008 that the Bee Girl was pursuing an acting career, so she’d probably be too busy doing that to help Hillary into a plane. Hmmmm… it seems based on her IMDB profile, that such an MTV report is bad luck as Heather has no roles after that. Heather, we would hire you to help Hillary into a plane… but we’d worry with that when you showed up in your Bee Girl costume, the bees would think you are mocking them, and be more likely to sting the Secretary of State. But we hear Applebee’s is hiring. Just don’t send them your resume today - they may be busy until tomorrow, wondering where all the confused customers who take slogans literally are!

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