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Become a Top Wedding Planner – Look At Your Website Through The Eyes Of A New Bride

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Become a Top Wedding Planner – Look At Your Website Through The Eyes Of A New Bride

As a new wedding planner you probably have recently created a website to market your business to brides. You’ve filled it with beautiful wedding photographs and  information about the services you offer. But have you ever looked at it through the eyes of a new bride, coming to your site for the first time, to determine how effective your site is?

Look at your website with fresh eyes and ask yourself these 5 questions:

1) Is the site focused on what your bride needs to know?

Don’t get so caught up in having a beautifully designed site that you don’t address the needs of your bride. She  may enjoy looking at the site but if she doesn’t get the information she needs about your wedding planning services, she’ll leave without contacting you.

2) Can a bride in your niche tell the site is talking to her?

You should address your target bride, not all brides in general. For example, if you want a bride who has the budget for a lavish wedding, she should see that type of wedding in your photographs and read about the benefits of having you plan that type of wedding for her.

3) Is the site easy to navigate?

Make sure it ’s easy for a bride to go from one page to another, and don’t make her click on too many links for information.

4) Do you have easy-to-understand information about your services?

A new bride might not have the depth of knowledge about weddings and wedding planning that you do. She may only vaguely know what a wedding planner does. Everyday wedding terms, like “day of,” may be foreign to her. Clearly explain the benefits you offer a bride and give simple explanations about what those services are. Remember the goal is not to tell her everything on the website, it’s to get her to want to contact you.

5) Have you included your contact information?

You can have a form for a bride to complete if she wants to ask questions, but you should also include your phone number and email address so a bride can reach you directly. Your physical address would also be helpful because it would tell her the approximate geographic area in which you work.

By looking at your website as if you are a new bride and making the necessary changes, you can make it a more effective way to market to brides.

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