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BeautyUK Nail Polishes in a Whirl of Colour

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
Three years ago, the Receptionist at the place that I was working once commented on the fact that I'd painted by nails blue. The comment was followed with something along the lines of: "oh to be young and free to wear what colours you like." Now, personally, the idea that only "young" people can wear anything either than browns, pinks etc is a load of rubbish, and I know I'm not exactly middle aged, but I would really like to hope that my addiction to bright and colourful nail polishes will never wane.
So, on my recent trip to Lincoln (it rained), I was on a mission to find out if Superdrug were selling the MUA Quake polishes (they weren't) and if they had the BeautyUK in Yellow, that Liloo blogged about back in March (they didn't), but who am I to resist a 3 for £4.99 offer? I mean, that would just be plain rude. I know I'm only saving just over 90p, but ah who cares??
BeautyUK Nail Polishes in a Whirl of Colour
Voodoo is an amazing color. I've really taken to red polishes this summer, and I love that this is really shimmery, because the other red polish I own (by ELF) is more of a Matte shade, so it's nice to have a little shimmer shimmer ;)
BeautyUK Nail Polishes in a Whirl of Colour
I like this red, because it's a bold color without being to "in your face" or tacky.
Lilac Girl is as you might be able to guess, a light purple shade, which I am amazed that I don't own because lilac is actually my favorite color. I own an OPI mini that claims to be lilac, but I always think that it looks more like a very pale pink.
BeautyUK Nail Polishes in a Whirl of ColourAfter I applied this polish, I really thought it looked okay, but it wasn't until I looked at these photo's closer (you perhaps can't tell, because they were taken on my phone, which I should apologize for, but my camera needs new batteries argh!) and I noticed that the color looked very uneven, and could definitely have done with a third coat, which is a little bit annoying, but never mind.
I'm not really sure how I feel about this color overall. It's nice, in it's own way, but I can't help finding the color a little "grey". That probably sounds weird, but I know what I mean :)
Electric Blue is a bright metallic blue. I actually own a similar colour, by BarryM but I've had it for years, and it's inevitably gone yucky, so this one makes a good replacement. In fact, I think that I prefer this one!
BeautyUK Nail Polishes in a Whirl of Colour
I don't think that the photo really does this color justice, and the fact that my nails look really messy isn't helping (I should just say that this was the third out of four polishes that I did over the space of a bout an hour :)) but this really is a gorgeous blue colour, and most definitely one of my favourites.
Priced at £1.99 each, or £4.99 for 3 these are an absolute steal. They're available in Superdrug, but I couldn't find any polishes available through the Superdrug website.
Oh, and here's something of my creativity. Yep, the photo's are still shocking, but you get the idea ;)
BeautyUK Nail Polishes in a Whirl of Colour
On another note, my Glossybox finally arrived yesterday, and I really am in two minds about whether or not to blog about it. I will be honest and say that I have not cancelled my subscription, not because I'm a mug, but because I think after just two boxes, it does seem unfair to judge so quickly, yes, Batiste isn't exactly a luxury item, but my box wasn't as bad as other peoples' seemed to be. And, Glossybox did handle my missing box very well, I do have to say, which is pretty good considering that I really went off on one about it. I really am in two minds about how long I shall stay subscribed, but I will say that they have a heck of a lot to prove in order to keep my custom, because with the addition of Batiste, and a "free sample" alongside the £2.95 for P&P increase, I do think that they've handled everything wrong. But, we'll see I guess...
What color nails are you sporting today? :)
*Apologies for the rubbish photography on this blog*

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