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Beauty Tips for Skincare of Athletes

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

As the sports industry evolves around the world, the performance of the players is not the only focus. Thanks to social media's in-depth coverage, players are scrutinized for everything from their style to their skin. Therefore, it has become quite important for the players belonging to any sports to take care of their health as well as their skin.

If you research into NBA players, either the MVP candidates or the long-shot ones, for example, they are some of the most stylish sports stars. Yet, they groom themselves by taking good care of their skin and beauty. Indeed, it not an easy job! Due to excess release of sweet and heavy diet controls, the effort for players to take care of their skin almost doubles.

Here are some of the most effective beauty tips for skin care of athletes.

Protect Your Skin

Most of the sports involve outdoor plays, that also under harsh sunlight. That means athletes are mostly exposed to harmful UV sun rays without having many options. The best thing to protect their skin from the sun is to put on high-quality sunscreens with more than 100 plus SPF. The sunblock helps the skin to maintain the PH levels of the skin and resist pores blockage.

Keep Acne Away

Sweating often results in severe acne which is why it gets very tricky for athletes to save their skin from pimples and acne. Do you know an NBA or NFL player runs about 2.5 miles for every game? Now imagine the sweat such exertion produces, plus the bacteria that damage the skin.

For this reason, players must keep their clothes dry as much as they can by wearing an inside sweat-absorbent layer of clothes. Also, it is best to sanitize their razors before every shave. Cleanliness and hygiene play a vital rule to keep the skin cells acne-free.

Shower Right Away

Another way to keep the skin fresh and acne-free for players is to shower immediately after a match. In some cases, it is not possible. For example, NBA players often have to give the interview immediately after the game. However, it is best for every player to hit the shower first, in order to get rid of the acne-producing bacteria.

Keeping the Diet Natural

Supplements are a major mart of the sports world and they are undoubtedly necessary. But when it comes to skincare, eating healthy and natural stuff is very important. Every athlete must consume fruits and fresh fruit juices in their daily diets to keep the skin fresh and healthy from inside. Of course, drinking water is a must as well, especially for those who have intensive training and gym sessions.


Due to extreme heat, friction, and moisture, players often have to deal with blisters. Many deal it with tearing off their skin which is certainly not the right thing to do. To treat blisters on the skin, soak in water and then cushion the part with a clean bandage or a soft cotton sock. It accelerates the healing time and leaves no stain or mark on the skin.

Using Skin Care Products

With such an intense routine that involves sun exposure, sweating, and exercise, players need to take extra steps to keep the skin fresh, healthy and clean. Using skin care products such as high-quality moisturizers, creams, cleansers, and toners are also important. So, that they could clean the dirt from the face after every game and then use lotions to restore the moisture. Most of the international players follow the above-mentioned skincare tips to not only look good but to feel confident in front of the camera which follows them everywhere. It is in fact, a part of being a healthy, thriving athlete.

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