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Beauty News: Moonshot Will Be Available in Sephora Singapore Soon + Price List!

By Beautifulbuns

Sephora to bring in Moonshot in 2015!

Moonshot Campaign Visual 3

Omg the beauty gods are a-listening! (or rather, Sephora is doing its market research really well!) – beside bringing in uber popular Kbeauty brand 3CE (check out my blog post with the full price list here!), they will also be bringing in Moonshot, a brand created by entertainment company YG Entertainment. YAYYYYY! This is one brand that even I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on (damn you MERS for spoiling my travel plans). Anyhoos, check out their 17 offerings here. Will update on the availability once I get it!

p.s. I noticed that the packagings from the Korean website differs from the press information I received from Sephora – I’m guessing that there’s a repackaging? Anyway, I’m gonna post the packaging that seems to be for the Singapore market.

Moonshot Campaign Visual 1

Moonshot products are divided into the following ranges:

CONDITION: Signature Skin Conditioners

The brand says they are: “Iconic and essential items for beautiful skin with instant results. Enhance healthy skin through balancing natural oil and water.”

What I think they are: Skincare

Moonshot condition

PREPARE: Flawless Skin Transformers

The brand says they are: “Exceptional finish for different needs. What they do: Supreme texture and products that make perfect skin.”

What I think they are: Base products

Moonshot prepare

EVOLVE: Me Completion Tools

The brand says they are: “New type of color cosmetics for me complement. Magical tools that can express uniqueness.”

What I think they are: Colour makeup products and tools

Moonshot evolve color makeup
Moonshot evolve makeup tools

And there you have it – bring on the Moonshot naooooo!

Moonshot Campaign Visual 4

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