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Beauty News: Jill Stuart Will Be Available in Singapore!

By Beautifulbuns

Woohoo! I must say this has been a long time coming – I’ve been hauling Jill Stuart Beauty baybehs back from Hong Kong, and depending on friends’ goodwill (as well as luggage allowance). But yay, gone are the days when I haz to do that, cos Jill Stuart Beauty will be launching in Singapore on 29 March at Sephora ION!

Beauty News: Jill Stuart will be available in Singapore!
One of their latest and super popular items, the Loose Blush

“What makes JILL STUART Beauty unique is the harmonious blend of contrasting elements – signature sweet pink palette with avant-garde silver and pure matte texture, juicy fruit scents to seductive floral fragrance. JILL STUART Beauty is an extension of Jill’s excellent taste in fashion. She expertly draws out the innocence and sexiness found in every girl to create the ultimate “cuteness” that attracts her fans worldwide. We call these women who love JILL STUART fashion and beauty products ‘Jill Girls’, says  Yuki Wakuda, JILL STUART Beauty Manager.

Beauty News: Jill Stuart will be available in Singapore!

She also added that “Since its launch in Japan in 2005, JILL STUART Beauty has gained fervent support amongst young women in Asia and around the world. The brand is extremely well-received by beauty enthusiasts in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. The launch in Singapore is driven by our research findings that indicate a strong loyal following from discerning well-heeled Singaporeans. While Singaporean women are stylish, busy go-getters, they are also very feminine in many ways. We believe they will respond well to the launch and come to embrace the brand once they experience our best-selling products at Sephora. We see a lot of market growth potential where demand will stem from the luxury segment in Singapore.”

Beauty News: Jill Stuart will be available in Singapore!


JILL STUART Beauty takes pride in the quality of the finest ingredients used in its products. These signature ingredients include:

  • Rosemary Extracts: Extracted from the flower and leaves of rosemary, it is said to strengthen and tighten the skin giving rise to an anti-aging effect. As hydrating as it is antioxidant and anti-allergen, rosemary also inhibits sebum secretion
  • Lavender Oil: Taken from lavender flowers, the oil has long been used as an ingredient for perfume and added to baths. Its calming effect eases anxiety and is often used in aromatherapy treatments. On skin, the oil acts as an emollient and eases inflammation and sores
  • Rosehip Oil: Rosehip is the bright red fruit that appears after wild roses bloom. Rosehip oil contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and fat-soluble vitamins. Its greatest benefit is its anti-aging effect, notably the ability to prevent aging of the skin
  • Wild Rose: Wild rose extract has been proven to activate cell tissues and is said to be effective in treating burns and cuts. It is known to benefit the skin by calming sunburn and pigmentation, hydrating the skin by retaining moisture, and inhibiting aging of the skin


Beauty News: Jill Stuart will be available in Singapore!
The best-selling Mix Blush Compact (photo by me! Follow me on Instagram, if you aren’t already. hehehe)

Beauty News: Jill Stuart will be available in Singapore!
Award-winning Ribbon Couture Eyes (yes, it’s the palette with the ribbon in the middle)

Beauty News: Jill Stuart will be available in Singapore!

Lip Blossom


29 March, Sephora ION Orchard. Price unavailable.

— reviews of products to come soon! —

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