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Beauty News: 3CE Will Be Available in Sephora Singapore Soon + Full Price List!

By Beautifulbuns

Sephora to bring in 3CE in 2015!

Do I hear the words “FINALLY”? The following products from popular cult Kbeauty brand 3CE will be available in Sephora soon! I will update the date of availability once I have it – meanwhile, here are the pricings! It’s not that much of a markup from the Korean prices – thanksssss Sephora for not ripping us beauty junkies off xoxo

Note: The product descriptions are all provided – am not responsible for some of the rather glaring grammatical errors :D

3CE Pink Im good mascara
Perfect dolly-lash mascara that holds not only the long lashes’ curls but also the oiliness and smudging.

• Minimal C-curl brush that meticulously holds eyelashes from the roots

• Waterproof type that allows no smudging and expresses clear eyes

• Vivid real black color that clearly expresses long lashes without binds

3CE shimmer stick
A stick type highlighter with ambient pearls creates volume on your face at any angles.

Soft cream textures allow natural gloss as it is easily absorbed as if a foundation.

It may be used either before or after foundation as it is a creamy texture with moisturizing components included. Ambient pearls that are similar to skin tone miraculously & naturally adhere to skin.

3CE super slim pen liner

Brush pen eye liner that is absorbed in skin as if tattooed. It allows clear eyes with no smudging and no
unwanted-spreads. High elasticity brush enables creating perfect eye lines and four colors allow to enjoy
various & different looks. With detailed brush, both thick & thin lines are easily made.

3CE long wear eye crayon
Long lasting crayon stick eye shadow – Vivid color formation. As a waterproof base, it resists water thus stays put all day without any creases.

3ce triple shadow
Triple shadow that is put together in a compact container for easy eye makeup. Gloss and pearls that seem moist. Vivid colors are stayed put for a long time. A pressed type eye shadow with different three colours.

3CE matte lip color
Various types of textures, such as matte, dangerous matte and original type, therefore wide ranges for
customers to select with various choices of 60 different colors which can satisfy the customers.

Key Ingredients: Mango Seed Butter, Shea Butter, Diamond Powder, Amethyst Powder, Jewelry Powder such as Toreumallin, expresses vivid color with moist.

3CE back to baby bb cream
Check out my review of this product here!

It is a differentiated BB cream that brightens up your skin tone with no greyish. Soft and moist textures with
Hyaluronic Acid forms a moisturizing layer while Niacinamide supports skin-whitening and Adenosine
allows wrinkle-care improvements.

3CE lip marker
Natural color formation that is easily applied pen type tint lip marker. Available in the following shades:

• RED : Clean and clear color of red
• PINK : Neon pink that gives you liveliness
• ORANGE : Fresh orange color
• INDIAN RED: Vintage rose-like red color
• RASPBERRY PINK : Brightens your face with raspberry color
• CRIMSON PINK: Warm pink
• MAROON PINK : Lively at the same time chic, vampire pink

3CE Glossing Waterful foundation

It is a light glossing foundation with high-moist glossy finish.  Gloss Skin oil enables your skin to express moist while Moist Fit Gel enables the product to long-last on your skin with lights that is naturally expressed on your skin. Texture is silky which is easily applied.

• NATURAL IVORY : Pinky natural ivory
• SOFT BEIGE: Pinky natural beige

3CE pore silky balm
A balm type primer that covers skin troubles and creates a good canvas on skin for makeup.

Key Ingredient: Emollieonteu and moisture is contained enables to lessen dryness. At the same time, light smart powder
removes oily skin, therefore giving balance.

Note: Below you have almost the entire range of 3CE products that will be available in Sephora, which I have painstakingly resized, cropped and uploaded for your reference :) I have already reviewed some of them on the blog – just do a search on the search bar on the right, or just click here to see. Prepare them credit cards and wallet!

3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation in Natural Ivory, $37
3CE Cover Cream Foundation in Natural Ivory, $37
3CE Natural Finish Loose Powder in 001, $27

3CE Eye Shadow Palettes, $42 each
3CE Duo Color Face Blush, $30 each
3CE Bold Shading, $25 each

3CE Marble Highlighter in Bling Peach, $23
3CE Triple Shadow in More Brown, $28
3CE Skin Fit Powder Foundation SPF31 PA++ In Light Ivory, $42

3CE Pore Silky Balm in Ivory, $17
3CE Magic Touch Face Maker in Pink, $19
3CE Eye Brow Kit in Brown, $21

3CE Creamy Cheek Sticks, $30 each
3CE Long Wear Eye Crayon in Juggling, $20
3CE Eyebrow Mascara in Red Brown, $16

3CE Fixer & Mascara in Black, $25
3CE Pink I'm Good Mascara in Black, $27
3CE Back To Baby BB Cream SPF35 PA++, $25

3CE Full Cover Concealers, $24 each
3CE Lip Lacquer in Pink Boom, $25
3CE Water Gloss in Switch On, $25

3CE Melting Foundation Stick in 020 Sand Beige, $38
3CE Pore Silky Stick in White, $21
3CE Bright Beam Stick in Pink, $21

3CE Dangerous Matte Lip Color in 708 Birthday, $24
3CE Matte Lip Color in 804 Stay By Me, $24
3CE Lip Color in 601 Deep Kisser, $24

3CE Creamy Lip Color in 06 Jazzy Pink, $25
3CE Lip Marker in Crimson Pink, $20
3CE Matte Lip Crayons, $20 each

3CE Super Slim Pen Eye Liner, $17 each

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