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Beauty Lurking: Cleavage—a Celebration Or a Travesty? Or the Rights of Christina Hendricks' Breasts.

By Aninafish @aninafish
Media_httphellogiggle_qhahy via hellogiggles.com

Read the article. But please do read the comments.

As a woman still surprised that she actually has breasts (it's not just my stomach coming up?) I must confess that I am of the Vulgar Cleavage variety especially in the case of vulgar originally meaning common. Think Dante and his Divine Comedy written in the vulgar language of the Italian.

But I do admit that there are days when I like to cover up. I like it when men actually look at me in the face. Though I sometimes feel like my breasts look bigger when am in a roundneck.

But I must agree, there must be more comfortable support wear for Christina Hendricks' breasts. The Up and At'Em may produce a certain effect, but don't they hurt Christina? We must take care of our girls!

In the same vein, are any of you as transfixed on Nikki Minaj's derriere in musi c videos? Or Beyonce's thighs? They are just magnificent.

Yay for the public displays of women's bodies that truly reflect some of our own!

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