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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Tech Beholder

Posted on the 30 March 2016 by 72point @72hub
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Tech Beholder

As a nation we appreciate beauty but only when it comes to our technology it seems, as we care more about how our mobile phones look than our romantic partners. According to research conducted online by Lenovo MBG, looks take a back seat for almost half of us when looking for a partner - while aesthetics are important when choosing a mobile phone for more than three in five of us.

When it comes to finding the perfect partner looks clearly aren't everything and so Lenovo MBG decided to put this to the test through a street-style social experiment. Hosted by comedienne Abi Magauran, members of the general public on the streets of London were asked to choose between two fictitious dating profiles with hidden identities. The unsuspecting public chose the profile that described the company's handset the Moto G on more occasions than the human profile. Does this mean we would really rather date our phones than a real person?

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Tech Beholder

Although few of us would answer 'yes' to this question, the research conducted online by Lenovo MBG does indicate that the lines are blurring between the relationships we have with our technology and our romantic partners, as the features we look for in our mobile phones become increasingly similar to the qualities we look for in a romantic partner. Reliability, for example, is considered to be one of the most important qualities we look for in both a mobile phone (95%) and a romantic partner (94%), followed closely by strong communication.

Award winning Dating and Relationship Expert, Caroline Brealey explained these findings, "these survey stats demonstrate the common phenomenon that we are witnessing in today's dating scene. Many people are looking for the same qualities in their chosen life partner as they do when they are shopping for new technology. As the features of devices such as mobile phones advance and evolve, they are more suited to people's needs and desires - limiting the necessity for compromise, and therefore ensuring high levels of satisfaction."

As most of us look for a mobile phone that we can rely on, the Moto G's all-day battery means it won't bail on you when you need it most. And if you're into looks as much as substance, you can make the Moto G your very own with the Moto Maker online design studio.

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