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Beauty Addition 008: Priceline 40% off Skincare Sale

By Twoplicates
A couple of weeks ago Priceline rolled out a not to be missed 40% off skincare products. It seemed like fate was knocking on our doors telling us replenish our stocks & purchase new products. So what did we do? We let fate lead the way & headed to our local stores.T.N Dickinson: Witch Hazel Toner $6.59  $3.95I'm running out of my Avene toner & wanted to repurchase it but Priceline didn't have it in stock grrrr. As an alternative I bought this as it was really affordable at $3.95 & it rated very highly with 4.3 lippies on Makeupalley. It's claims to 'Clean, Soothe, Tone.....Naturally" with the natural part as the biggest selling point for me.Lucas Papaw Ointment (X3) $5.99 $3.59This was a repurchase to last me to 2015 LOL. I love this stuff. I've been using this for 7 years now and always run back to it as nothing else leaves my lips as soft :3Indeed Labs: Hydraluron $34.99 $20.99I'm sure everybody in the blogging universe knows by who Caroline Hirons is & how much she loves adores this product. So much so that she now dubs it 'Hironsluron.' With its entry to her Hall of Fame & the countless bottles that she's gone through, I was really sold on the fact that this product was the resolution to my dry, dehydrated skin. So far I have seen a vast improvement - it's no longer dry & it really feels like that it has restored hydration back into my skin. I don't regret at ALL buying the 2 tubes that I did at that time even though I hadn't even tried it! hahaLa Roche-Posay: Sensi White Foam Cleanser $22.99 $13.79I bought this on a whim as my current gel cleanser is almost running out. On the packaging it said it was a "Deep Cleaning, Brightening Foaming Cleanser for Sensitive Asian Skin". I felt like this product totallyyyy had my name all over it so I popped it in my basket haha. I was intrigued as not many Australian pharmacies sell & even have products specifically catered to Asian sensitive skinLa Roche-Posay: Effaclar Duo $25.99 $15.59This little one has received a lot of hype in the blogging community. It claims to improve pore size so I'm hoping to use this on my nose to see how well it goes. Haven't used this yet either but I'm expecting good things!Indeed Labs: Eyesilix $34.99 $20.99Not going to lie, but this purchase was again influenced by Caroline Hirons. I haven't used this eyecream yet (as I'm trying to finish my other ones up), but I'm hoping that it will help my dark circles, esp with uni starting again.Garnier: Clean Sensitive 2 in 1 Gentle Makeup Remover $9.99 $5.99Lin seems to love this stuff.  I've seen her repurchase this a couple of times and on several occasions she has strongly advised me to buy it. So I finally did even though I have a collection of other makeup remover liquids, oils and wipes that will last me a lifetime.Bio-Oil: $14.99 $8.99Obviously really late to jump on this bandwagon.  After slowly introducing oils into skincare recently, I feel like Bio-Oil was just the natural direction to gravitate towards.  I am skeptical when it comes to applying this on my face as it does contain mineral oil, but I mean, this didn't win awards in beauty magazines for nothing, right?La Roche-Posay: Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Extreme Fluid $25.99 $15.59I'm one of those people who lack SPF in daily face routine, half the reason being due to skin hypersensitivities.  I've heard great things about this sunscreen, and especially since La Roche-Posay is the brand for sensitive skin; I'm hoping this product doesn't disappoint me!Avene: Rich Compensating Cream $59.99 $35.99This is a repurchase! I really like it and it just really works for my skin. Simple as that.Avene: Rich Skin Recovery Cream $36.99 $22.19Might have been an impulse buy. I feel like it'll come in handy when my skin isn't feeling like it's upto scratch or hypersensitive.This is probably one of the biggest purchases we've made; spending approximately around $130 in store and $80 online (inc. shipping) within the two days!  It's safe to say that we did make good use of this 40% off opportunity and will probably have enough skincare items to last us till the next sale rolls around :PWhat did you buy during the 40% off sale?

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