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Baskin Robbins Ice Cream: a Monthful of Flavors

By Darci Catimpo @lady_emelye

this ice cream brand reopened it's door once more to philippine customers last july 2. and there have been long lines since then. one afternoon, we braved the lines so that we could get a taste of this ice cream. a lot of people were definitely excited and they said that having a taste of this ice cream brings back fond memories from their childhood.

all their 31 flavors are available, so you can try one flavor a day, for a month, before deciding which is your favorite. admittedly, it was very hard to choose which one to try first, so the queue affords you sometime before you make a decision and give your order. you can even ask for samples of the flavors that you are eyeing so that you can finally take your pick.

so what's in their menu? here are the offerings:

  • junior scoop: single (85.00), double (145.00), triple (195.00)
  • regular scoop: single (119.00), double (199.00), triple (279.00)
  • +20.00 for the waffle cone, +40.00 for the fancy waffle cone
  • pint (325.00)
  • quart (595.00)
  • half gallon (1150.00)
  • milkshakes (jamoca almond fudge, very berry strawberry, mint chocolate chip): small (150.00), medium (190.00), large (220.00)
  • blasts (cappuccino, mocha, caramel): small (110.00), medium (150.00), large (190.00)
  • fruit blasts (strawberry, mango): small (110.00), medium (150.00), large (190.00)
  • build your own sundae: single (139.00), double (209.00), triple (279.00)
  • ice cream cake: 1/4 sheet (1100.00), full sheet (3850.00)

they have other items like the twist sundae - ice cream on top of a layer of toppings like hot fudge, almonds, whipped cream and cherries, f lavor wave - mix and match of 5 mini scoops and shake mixology - milkshakes that combine two different flavors of your choice.

i got a junior double scoop consisting of chocolate chip cookie dough & love potion #31. the chocolate chip cookie dough was just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess punctuated by bits of cookie dough and chocolate. the love potion #31 is a winner for me. i love the combination of the raspberry and the chocolate. it is sweet, with a slight tang plus the richness of the chocolate. this is a flavor i would not get tired of.

good thing this is just walking distance from our office. we could get ice cream anytime we feel like it. plus the fact that we could "burn" the calories by walking to and from. ;)

2F Central Square (Bonifacio High Street) 30th corner 5th avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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