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Bargain Hunting: The Art of Digital Photography Book

By Fashion Rhetoric
My book buying addiction got the better of me again the yesterday; whilst I was having a mooch in an amazing antique shop in the local village. (I think it may become my new favorite place to browse).
The store in question is basically a treasure trove of second-hand junk - think what a hoarders attic would look like and you get the idea. It's an amazing place if you want to kill a couple of hours, just sifting through the thousands and thousands of items on offer!!
Whilst getting lost in the maze of books at the back of the store, I unearthed this book on digital photography for £2.99.
Bargain Hunting: The Art of Digital Photography Book
Another great book find for a fraction of the RRP, as it should have been £20.00 if bought new.
Improving my photography skills is something that I really want to work on and get better at. I love taking photos but I've never had any formal training, so it's all a bit of trial and error!! I figured that this book would be a great resource and blogging aid over the coming months. I'll be sure to share any great tips I come across with you too.
Have you bought any great bargains like this book recently??
Bargain Hunting: The Art of Digital Photography Book

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