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Barack Obama – President Gives Surprise Decision to Publish Birth Details

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


President Obama’s birth certificate was published by the White House today to allay fears by some Republicans, in Particular Donald Trump that he was actually born outside the US. The situation astrologically was caused by Neptune in the past couple of months being square to Barack’s natal Midheaven. Neptune has been transiting through Barack’s first house of personal identity causing confusion (Neptune) about his public position (Midheaven). Obama shocked people with this act and looking at the chart, transiting Uranus is trine to his natal Mercury and his Midheaven bringing unexpected (Uranus) news (Mercury) about his right to do his job (Midheaven). By looking at extended house rulership, Uranus rules the chart and his projection to the world with Aquarius on his ascendant. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo which on the 5th and 8th house cusps. This was a carefully assessed risk (5th house) to expose his origins (1st house) in order to change other peoples views (8th house).

BarackObama transits

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