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Barack Obama – How the Planets Have Been Affecting Him in 2011, and Are Shaping His Thinking in 2012.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

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Astrology can be a hugely complicated subject, so just for once I am just going to concentrate today solely on the position of the planets with the President, as they can still infer a lot of meaning to the chart. Sometimes even I can get bogged down at looking for the hidden meaning and nuances of a chart, when the real truth is staring you squarely in the face. With this look at Barack Obama, I go back to basics.

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Ok I have taken away all the aspects, so here is the current state of play with the President. All I have to work with are the house positions of the planets and of course if those planets are conjunct to any others. Right what have we got? The Sun is moving through Barack’s 12th house, so this infers a period of service and possibly sacrifice and suffering. One tends to go into preparation mode during this phase, doing a lot of things behind the scenes in preparation for when the Sun burst into the light of the first house. With Obama’s Saturn in the 12th, all of his authority is carried out behind the walls of the White House oval office. He doesn’t do much of the real work in the public gaze. There is much work going on behind the scenes preparing for the 2012 presidential race ahead. As the Sun in late February comes out of the shadows of the 12th house into the bright lights of his first house, watch him start to go on the offensive.

Mercury is currently in the 11th house with Pluto. This infers heated discussion over control issues with friends, groups and parties, in this case government. Now we know from the Aquarian ascendant that Barack is his own man. His 7th house Uranus which is opposite his ascendant, makes him unafraid of going it alone, and with Mars, Pluto and Uranus in his natal 7th house of dealing with other people and of open enemies, that is exactly what he will do if someone wants to push him around or into a corner. These three natal planets in the 7th bring the idea that he needs to be in control of those around him. If they won’t budge, he’ll go off and do his own thing. Now what is happening in the House of Representatives right now? A battle for control, and the President has had enough of the House messing him about, so he is doing his own thing. Pluto in Capricorn also infers transformation of existing structures, and to get his own way he is bringing in reforms to add layers of bureaucracy to government. Obama has so get moving and get things working, as he has an election at the end of the year.

To Neptune in his first house. To the country at large, Obama has seemed to gloss over the promises that he set out on becoming President. Of course, Neptune in his first house creates a veil, a cloud of confusion over his personality. What you see with Barack is not what you get. On the outside is the wonderful vision, behind which is the stark reality. This is rather a debilitating position for Neptune to be in as it weakens the view of the personality. How many times have I heard that this is a President who is weak, who dodges the issue. All this is the effect of slippery watery evasive Neptune.

Venus is currently moving through the 1st house, which does bring a more conciliatory mood to the President than normal, but conjunct to Neptune he is likely to be a bit evasive. If ever he is going to be in a mood to compromise, now while Venus is in his first house will be the time. He will need to as transiting Mars is in his 7th house, currently conjunct his own natal Mars. Now this is the house of his permanent partner Michelle and Mars is going to be here for half the year. There are going to be some battles between himself and his wife. If anything, Venus in the first will make him come to his senses and I suspect he will be the one to tow the line. You may have seen the recent interview where Michelle Obama who tried to dispel the rumor that she is a controlling wife. With aggressive Mars in critical Virgo & Pluto and Uranus in proud, pompous Leo all in the house representing his marriage partner, do you think she was telling the whole truth?

Transiting Uranus is in the 2nd house of self-worth, money and finances. Here we see Obama trying to grapple with the shifting complicated, unpredictable finances of the US. Uranus causes shock and unusual behavior and of course this planet is his chart ruler, so this is one planet that affects him very personally. Uranus is a very kind and humanitarian planet, and always favours the weak over the strong, the oppressed over the powerful. Here we see Obama diverting money from the rich to the poor. I have heard of Obama being socialist in nature. What do you expect with a President with an Aquarian ascendant, Aquarian Moon and a 6th house Sun in the sign of the worker?? The astrology does not lie.

This approach is echoed by transiting Saturn in the 8th house of big business and investment. Here is Obama laying down the law to corporate America. The 8th house is the house of other peoples values and intense encounters with powerful people. Here is his battleground for now and over the next 10 months while Saturn is in the 8th house. This is a transformational house too, and Barack will have to adapt and learn to appreciate other people’s point of view, especially the business leaders in the US. If he does become President for a second term, then his gaze and tests will shift to the international 9th house of foreign affairs as Saturn brings tests of strength there.

As for rewards, I look to Jupiter. Jupiter in the 3rd house highlights travel, so Obama at the moment will feel more accepted abroad than he will back in the US. For most of his presidency however it has been passing through his 2nd house of finances, so this explains his spend to reduce the deficit policy, one which has increased the American national debt exponentially. Jupiter is expansionist and makes you spend far more money than you ever plan to. Of course, after the gain comes the pain, and America will really have start to feel the pinch, if this deficit is to be addressed. Believe me tough times lie ahead. We in the UK know all about this right now, as austerity measures are hitting home very very hard!!

Back to Jupiter’s present position. When in the third house, Jupiter affects your mind, your wisdom, and your consciousness. Jupiter traveling through the third house allows you to broaden your mind, and as such your ideas for the future will be bigger, hopefully better and more expansive. The fear here is that your vision can be bigger than you can personally deliver. He will be able to talk the talk, but will he be able to walk the walk? November 6th 2012 will be the reckoning day, when we find out.

Closer to the election date and once we know the two candidates who will battle it out for the Presidency, I will do a proper head to head analysis. I will be occasionally looking at the GOP race between now and convention time, as the field whittles down from six candidates to one.

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