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Baobab Oil For Skin & Hair For Exalting Results

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

When it comes to oils for your hair and skin, you have a large variety to choose from such as coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, almond oil, argan oil, and the list goes on and on, but seldom it includes baobab oil. Well, it should, because if you use Baobab oil for skin regularly, you can have glowing results.

Baobab, funny as it may sound when you pronounce it, has a lot of benefits to offer, especially when it comes to oil. This not-so-well-known oil is actually extracted from the seeds of the baobab fruits. This is typically found in the African mainland, Madagascar, and Australia. These trees can live up to a thousand years and look like an upside-down tree because it seems as if it is growing root upwards.

These trees are extremely nourishing. It has a cork-like bark that is used to make clothing and rope. It is also used as large water stores during drought. However, the most beneficial aspect of this tree is the oil extracted from its seeds by cold compressing. Once in a year, the flowers bloom, and after pollination, it gives a seed-filled fruit.

The oil has incredible moisturizing qualities. It contains essential vitamins A, D, E, and F that helps to rejuvenate the damaged cells of the skin. In addition to that, this oil is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are absorbed by the skin and hair quickly and does not leave any greasy residue that is mostly associated with any other natural oils.

It is the viscous, silky feel, and the mild scent that makes baobab oil useful and easy to include in different cosmetic products. You can also use this oil on its own.

Usefulness Of Baobab Oil For Skin

Apart from hydrating your skin and hair, baobab oil also protects them from excessive heat, environmental aggressors and natural elements, pollution, wind, sun, UV rays, and extreme temperature. With all these benefits, along with its high nourishing abilities, it is quite natural that this oil will be used as an ingredient in different styling products, sometimes in a raw state. In addition to that, baobab oil is known to trap moisture in the hair shaft, making it extremely beneficial to the hair as it is for your skin.

You can identify a 100% pure baobab oil by its deep golden yellow color, an earthy aroma, and a nutty taste. Pure baobab oil will have pretty balanced nutrition that will include essential fatty acids such as 30 to 42% of Oleic acid, 12 to 35% of Linoleic acid, 18 to 46% of Palmitic acid and 2 to 9% of Stearic acid.

Baobab oil is known for its unique properties. It acts as an emollient which is excellent for moisturizing the skin, as an insulator to protect the skin from excessively high and low temperature differences, and also as a rejuvenator to promote skin cells. It also acts as a non-siccative meaning it will not dry your skin for a long time and as a cicatrizing agent that promotes wound healing. Also, it acts as an antioxidant that prevents any free radical damages in your skin and as an anti-inflammatory agent as well. It is all due to the occurrence of omega fatty acids in the oil.

Extraction Process Of Baobab Oil

The extraction process of baobab oil from the seeds found in the large capsules of the fruit involve a cold compressing process. When the oil is finished extracting it is filtered immediately. Pure baobab oil will never be refined any further than that. There is no further processing done using different additives.

Different Uses Of Baobab Oil For Skin

Baobab oil is used topically on the hair and skin only and is not fit for oral consumption. You can use it for different purposes. It is the different texture of this oil as compared with other natural oils that makes it an apt oil for massage. Regular use of it will result in a soft, silky, smooth, and glowing skin, even if it is dry and damaged.

It also helps in restructuring and healing of the skin by itself. That means it will help in healing dry patches as it will be absorbed quickly by the skin. The non-siccative property of the oil does not, however, leave the skin completely dry.

It will act as a perfect home remedy for stretch marks on your skin. Regular application of it on the affected areas will reduce the appearance as well as its depth. Since the oil has the property to stimulate elastin and collagen synthesis in the epidermal level, it helps to heal the wound or post-surgical scars and stretch marks.

You can also use it as your daily moisturizing lotion, especially after having a shower. A small amount of the baobab oil will help in locking in the moisture but will not leave a greasy felling as your skin will absorb it in a few minutes. You may also add it with your regular moisturizing lotion to intensify its effectiveness.

You can also get rid of your chapped lips condition by applying just a small amount of this oil on it. In addition to that, it can also be used for nail care and prevent it from unwanted breakage.

Lastly, you can also use it as a hair conditioner and even for hot oil conditioning to get a soft and noticeably silky hair.

DIY Home Recipes For Using Baobab Oil For Skin

You can make your own baobab skin and hair treatment recipe at home as well. You will only need ⅓ cup of baobab oil, ⅓ cup of coconut oil and 10 to 12 drops of lavender essential oil if you wish. Combine all and warm it gently before applying.

You can also make an eye cream from it with 1/4 cup baobab oil, 2 tbsp coconut oil, and beeswax pastilles, 1 tbsp refined shea butter and 1/4 tbsp vitamin E oil. Mix and melt these to form your own eye care cream

Now that you know the benefits of baobab oil use it and spread the word. You can save somebody's skin out there!

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