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Banteay Srei, Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia – the Jewel of Khmer Art

By Sonyaandtravis @sonyaandtravis

On the third day of exploring the Angkor region, we decided to rest from the cycling and hired an auto rickshaw to explore some of the further out temples.  The first temple was Banteay Srei which was twenty-five kilometres from the main Angkor region. Banteay Srei is unique due to it red colour, a result of being contrasted from red sandstone. The red sandstone also allowed for intricate carvings, which can be seen throughout the temple.

One of the interesting things we stumbled on was meeting Ted Brattstrom who was taking a giga-pixel photo of the inner portion of Banteay Srey using an automatic robotic mount. You can view the GigaPan here.

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Triangular pediment over the main complex entrance
Intricately carved columns and pediment
Banteay Srey red sandstone carvings

The inner temple surrounded by moat
Pediment on the entrance to inner temple
Flower carved in a square stone

The entrance to the inner temple
The Pediment of the entrance of the inner temple
The intricate reliefs carving of red coloured stone

Guarded by two kneeling statues of human figures with animal heads
The combat between Vāli and Sugrīva is depicted on the western gopura
Carving of a kala, a mythical creature representative of time and of the god Siva

Inner sanctuary
A number of pediments on display
Looking towards Banteay Srey from the western entrance

Sonya at the western entrance of Banteay Srey
Carved column windows mimicking lathed wood
Śiva seated on the summit of Mount Kailāsa, his mythological abode

Ancient Khmer script
Sonya looking towards the inner complex
Looking towards Banteay Srey from the east

Intricate carved pediment
Remains of a statue of a boar
Hallway leading to the inner sanctum

Guarded by two kneeling statues of human figures with animal heads
Mythical creatures flanking the entrances of the inner sanctums
Ted Brattstrom producing a GigaPan with automated camera

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