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Bad Hair Days -The Story of Any Girl's Life!

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay

A hair in the head is worth two in the brush. 
William Hazlitt 
One thing god never lets you choose , is the type of hair you sport. Maybe, he likes playing with your sentiments and feelings. I have yet to meet a man or a woman who are satisfied with their hair. There is always something wrong with the hair...
Its either too curly or too dry or too wavy or too lank...
Whatever the story...
I've got mine to share as well.
I  was blessed with thick ,shiny wavy dark hair.
My mom took more care of my hair than she did of hers...
Oil, comb,wash ,braid ,plait or make pony tails of my hair till I was old enough to supposedly handle them myself.
And then ,in a hissy fit...I went and got them permanently screwed.
In what was known as a PERM .Because I wanted what the others had...Big, curly ,over processed hair.
I subjected my  long ,wavy, soft hair to a stinky ammonia smelling chemical reaction...
Came back home looking something like this ...
Bad Hair Days -The story of any girl's life! To a resounding slap at the door from my mom...for I'd screwed(pun unintended)the hair she had so lovingly cultivated.
And the rest -is hair-story.
I have been fighting my now moody hair for a manageable solution since.
I often wake up with a nightmare of a bad hair day..
Even Donald Trump with all his millions has them...
Bad Hair Days -The story of any girl's life! I religiously try all kinds of remedies and treatments to try to straighten my hair.
My least favorite one being the hot oil treatment.
Bad Hair Days -The story of any girl's life!
 After subjecting my hair to thick and gloppy Castor oil that refuses to wash off, leaving behind oily, straight hair.
Bad Hair Days -The story of any girl's life!
Total NO NO!
I used coconut oil and mustard oil..they washed off better ,but I never got the desired poker straight hair that the Granny's and old wives promised.
Bad Hair Days -The story of any girl's life!
I tried cooking Amla Juice,Aloe Vera Juice,Juice of Basil leaves Curry leaves and hibiscus Flowers in coconut oil and applying that too...
No poker straight hair there too.
Then there was the hair mask bit...
Did you know that bananas were good for your hair too!(Yeah Right,that is why monkeys have long luxurious locks!)
Bad Hair Days -The story of any girl's life!
I pureed bananas and added honey and olive oil and lemon juice to it and applied this gloppy mess and sat while it tunneled its way down my face and onto my clothes and onto the math grade 7 final exam papers I was checking .Fortunately, I could wipe it all off...the somewhat straight hair was OK...but the mess was not worth it...
Then once I tried the mayonnaise test.
Straight hair???
Half a bottle of good Kraft mayo ,which would have done more good inside my body than on dead cells that we call hair...
Bad Hair Days -The story of any girl's life!
Well straight hair ...maybe...
But the smell of the mustard and the mayo..
I smelt of a stale egg sandwich till the next time I washed my hair was so not worth it...
BTW ,I needed to wash my hair within 6 hours...My ginormous doberman was sticking to me, too much and was dropping his stinking drool all over me.
So if you have an animal at home...Bad idea.
Bad Hair Days -The story of any girl's life!
Then the eggs on my hair which generally landed on my face...
Especially in the winters.
Nobody wants a scrambled egg hair day!
After my disastrous perm...Chemical reactions were out.So a Chemical Straightening or a rebonding treatment after an expenditure of almost 10k was out of the question.
Big no to that to.
Humidity is a curse for my hair the humidity hair begins to look as frizzy as a goblin's hair...Instant curl-humidity.
Six months in a year, my hair frizzes up...
That augments my need for a cure even more!
I don't even want to start with the tales of henna on my hair...
Then it was sweet sister to the rescue!
With a Remington Straightening Iron that she bought for me from the US.
Bad Hair Days -The story of any girl's life!
So ,today I may look like the wild witch from the west in the morning....A five minute spell on my ceramic plated straightener is all my hair needs to be straight.
No more Bad Hair Days!
All my experiments are by choice...complicated!
Not that I choose them,they just happen to me!
Maybe you have something better...Mind sharing??
I learnt that its not just important to envy the grass on the other side of the fence-or the hair on the other woman's is important to care for and water the grass too...maybe use a hair pack!
I've also learnt not to experiment too long as you have a hair on your head...that is always better than two on the brush!
Bad Hair Days -The story of any girl's life!
So what do you straighten your hair with?
PS this is my entry to the Sunsilk Straight Hair Experiment. for Indiblogger.
All Images Courtesy -Google!

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