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Babyliss Secret Hair Curler & Make Up of The Night

By Beautybykaris @beautybykaris


Hey There,

Today’s post features my beautiful sister, Natasha. She had a wedding reception to go to, and eagerly trying to show off my new Babyliss hair tool, she came over for a make up session, and to curl her hair.

Now I am not kidding you, (Not even slightly), when I say this hair curler is the best thing that has happened to my hair. For years I have tried to master the art of curling my hair, I have used thin tongs, jumbo tongs, rollers, tongs that are funny shapes, you name it I have tried it. The only time my hair stays curly, and when I say stays, I mean lasts longer than 2 hours, is if either my sister puts it in rollers for me, or a hairdresser does my hair for me. I’m not saying I am not a fan of rollers, I love my sleep in rollers, I don’t know what my ‘flat’ hair would do with out them, but sometimes I just want a bit more curl, and not just a bit of ‘oomph’, (Do you know what I mean?).



After moaning about my poor hair styling skills to my hairdresser, I was recommended the Babyliss hair curler, (And they didn’t even sell it, so it wasn’t like it was for commission or anything!). I umm’ed and aarr’ed for ages, because lets face it, the price tag is rather steep compared to most hair tongs on the market. But now that I have one, I think it is completely worth the money! I can honestly say these curlers, are like the GHDs of tongs, (If you know what I mean). To be honest, I made the splurge of £120.00, as my mom originally said she would go halves, (I haven’t seen her half of the money yet, but I can hardly complain). These curlers are absolutely fool proof – they literally suck your hair up, hold it for four beeps, and releases the ‘perfect’ curl. Not only can someone like me use it, (And actually have curly hair afterwards), but it lasts for everrrr, (Well it stays for the next day or two). Even when I first used the secret curler, (With no hairspray or styling products), I awoke the next day with curly hair, (Of course it had slightly dropped, but it was still there).

If you have heavy hair, are just awful at managing your hair, or just a gadget lover, then you MUST get your hands on the Babyliss secret curler.

It worked for me on very long, heavy hair, and it worked amazingly well for my sister, who has mid length, thick hair. It took roughly 40 minutes to transform her hair, using hairspray before and after, brushing out the tight curls at the end, to get that bigger, fuller look.


Make up was done by me using, Benefits Stay Flawless primer, Hello Flawless foundation, Urban Decays Naked Basics Palette, NYX Cosmetics brow kit, MUA/Soap&Glory lips, Benefits Rockateur blusher, and of course some contouring using MAC Concealer and Illamasqua Skin Base.

What do you think of this look? Have you tried the Babyliss Secret Hair Curler?

Happy Friday all, have a lovely weekend.

Lots of Love,

KB xx

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