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"Baby, I Live In A Lighthouse (But Not That Lighthouse)" Is, Of Course, Brian Wilson's Neglected Masterpiece

Posted on the 17 July 2014 by Russellarbenfox
A friend of mine found this the other day, posted it to Facebook, and we haven't stopped laughing since. It's genius, I tell you: pure genius. Share it with all your friends, at least until you find one who doesn't get the joke.
Summer is in full swing! Good thing the Beach Boys--Brian, Denny, Carl, Mike, and Al--made a whole catalog of songs that are perfect for anyone who’s out to catch some rays and some waves. Check to see how many of them you know below:
Sandcastle On The Shore
Surfboard Race
I Like To Be Feelin’ Alright
Girl, You’re My Perfect Wave
Let’s Be In A Car
Tired Of Kissin’
Everyone Look At The Sun
Crying And Surfing
Dad’s Gonna Yell At Us
Stop Laughing At My Girl
A Sand Is A Tiny Tiny Rock
We’re Stealing This Jet Ski
Carl’s Theme
Shout, Shout, Shout In My Sleep
Baby, I Live In A Lighthouse (But Not That Lighthouse)
Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy
Down At Big Car Beach
I Never Want To Die
Pick Me Up After School
I Don't Need To Know How To Read (To Kiss My Baby)
Goin’ Steady With A Starfish
Driving Is Like Surfing With Cars
Surfin’ Jew (Note: apparently, an actual recorded song)
No Sharks Allowed!
I’m Sad
In Defense Of Beach Culture
Don’t Get Over Me Please
I Am All There Is

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