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Baby Boomers Coming Home... the Lure of Family

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP

The percentage of Baby Boomers planning to move has been rising, from about a third 20 years ago to about a half now planning to make a move. Their reasons for moving are as varied as they are, but moving because of family tops the list.

Sometimes the move is to be close to siblings, coming together again after living in different parts of the country or the world for much of their lives.

With Al & Helen

Sometimes the move is to be close to aging parents... sometimes to be close to children and grandchildren... perhaps having more than one home in different locations. With extended life expectancy, Baby Boomers have a whole Third Age to experience many new things not possible for previous generations.

Sometimes a move is simply a change from what you have experienced most of your life. If you have lived in the same place close to where you grew up, it may be a move to a 'dream' destination. (By the way, I find many doing this eventually coming back again later in life.)

With about 30 years of life after traditional 'retirement' age, there is time for many moves and experiences... no need to feel locked into only one destination if you are ready for more.

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