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Author Interview: E J Squires: My Dad Carved A Wooden Doll For Me On My B'Day

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
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Author Interview: E J Squires: My Dad Carved A Wooden Doll For Me On My B'Day Your real name and pen name? Real: Evelyn J. Squires  pen: E. J. Squires
Please share some ofthebest memories of your childhood
I love this question. I have some awesome memories. Growing up, my family was very poor. I remember one summer my parents had a hard time even keeping food on thetable. We had just moved to an old run-down wood home in Wasington state. After having lived there for a few days, we noticed there were tons of blackberries and raspberries growing in theback yard. We picked a whole bunch of them and sold them in front of our house to make money. That summer was my birthday, and my parents couldn't afford to buy me a birthday present. So my dad, a great handy-man, carved a wooden doll for me. I still remember exactly what it looked like. Oddly enough, it's theonly present I remember receiving growing up. I also loved playing outdoors in Norway in thesummer and wintertime. It's a great place to live for a child, because you can just step outside, and you're in thewoods, or close to a lake or an old abandoned hut with lots of places to explore.
About your education?
My parents moved around a lot. My father was (and still is) an entrepreneur. We moved from city to city, house to house, and also several times back and forth between Norway and theUS. I spent most of my elementary school days in theUS. Then when I was eight, we moved back to Norway, where I sated until I was a freshman in High School. After finishing High School in theUS, I attended Utah Valley University, and eventually Brigham Young University. Initially I majored in Comparative Literature and Humanities, but when I married I switched my major to Ballet. After I became pregnant with our first child, it was hard to dance, and when we moved to Florida for my husband's job transfer, I stayed at home with our first child. I never completed college, but maybe one day, I'll go back since I only have a few more credit left!
What career did you plan during your education days?
I always wanted to be a professional ballerina. And though I did perform with several professional dance companies, it became difficult to maintain thehectic schedule when my first child came along. I even opened a ballet studio and ran it for 6 years. But when theopportunity to write full time came along, I knew I had found my new passion, and have never looked back since!
Author Interview: E J Squires: My Dad Carved A Wooden Doll For Me On My B'Day What is your biggest source of inspiration in life? I love reading and I love music. Most of my inspiration is drawn from books (fiction and non-fiction) and listening to music (a lot of classical, and a lot of soundtracks from movies). Another inspiration is my children and my family in general. And I am a big dreamer. I always want to have a bigger than life goal out in front to move toward. It keeps me going.
What hurts you most in this world?
When I was in high school, I remember seeing a news report on Rwanda genocide, and I just began crying. I thought thehatred of another nation, of other people was so heart-breaking. I don't understand how other human beings can be so cruel toward others. It really hurts me to see people treat others poorly.
What isthebiggest challenge you have faced? Were you able to overcome it? How?
My biggest challenge, I'd have to say, was owning my own business. I'm not particularly fond of customer service, so that makes it even more difficult! When owning a ballet studio, I was so much about theart, not thenumbers and business aspects. But I soon learned that I needed to pay very closely attention to these other (in my opinion at thetime, boring) things. Thebusiness side of theart didn't come naturally to me. I hated listening to customer complaints, because I would take it personally. And what did they know about ballet anyway? I would tell myself. In theend, all they wanted was to be assured that their children were on theright path, and that I cared about them. Inthebeginning, I just wanted thedancers to look good. But I soon realized that if I didn't develop thebusiness side of it, and become a better people person, I would't have a business! It's not that I didn't care about my clients, it's just that my focus was so much on theart form thattheclients took second place. I think there is a way to have thebest of both worlds: excellent customer service and excellent art.
Author Interview: E J Squires: My Dad Carved A Wooden Doll For Me On My B'Day What is your favorite genre and why?
My favorite genre is historical fiction. If it has some romance in it, I'll love it even more, and if it has some mysticism, even better. I like being able to transport myself into another time, and also learn while I'm reading.
What isthepurpose of your writing?
To entertain, inspire and educate.
Which of your work published so far?
I self-published "Winter Solstice Winter" It's receiving awesome reviews! Though I did send out some query letters, I thought it took too long. I'm kind of an over-achiever, and an impatient one at that! So I decided to go theself-publishing route.
What are your forthcoming writings? In December 2013, thesecond book in theViking Saga will be published through amazon, too. It's called "Summer Solstice Summer."
Author Interview: E J Squires: My Dad Carved A Wooden Doll For Me On My B'Day What are your future plans? I will finish this first series "A Viking Blood Saga" at theend of next year, and then I will start on a new project. Maybe another series? Not quite sure. I'd like to attend some Writer's Conferences and network more with other authors.
What four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
It's important to get a great editor. I also like developing therelationships between characters, that's where thejuice is for me. Internal dialogue is important when developing a character, so that needs to be stellar. And in theend, I really like having suspense and action.
Your dream destination on Earth? Norway, always Norway..
Author Interview: E J Squires: My Dad Carved A Wooden Doll For Me On My B'Day
Your origin of birth and other countries you have visited/ stayed. What best things you liked in these countries aroundtheglobe?
I was born in Asker, Norway, and have lived there and in theUSA. I have visited Mexico, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. I love thebeauty ofthescandinavian countries, and thegenuine people. I love how varied theUS is. Thepeople are inspirational, and theopportunities endless.
Your favorite time oftheday?
Morning. That's when I have themost energy, and all thepossibilities of theday are still fresh. That's also when I prefer to write.
Your zodiac/ sunsign?
I'm a gemini.
Your favorite color and why?
I don't haveonefavorite color, but I do go through phases where I like certain colors better. Right now I'm in a purple phase.
Author Interview: E J Squires: My Dad Carved A Wooden Doll For Me On My B'Day
Your favorite book and why?
I really enjoyed "TheAlchamist" by Paulo Coelho. Fabulous read! It's easy to read, has so many enlighteningtruths in it, and is filled with inspirational messages from cover to cover.
Your favorite celebrity and why? I love Oprah. She is such an inspiration, and uses her celebrity to help others. Your favorite food? Anything with chocolate... is that a food?
Some quickies:
Sun or Moon: Sun  Laughter or Smile: Laughter  Morning or Evening: Morning
Coffee or Tea: Herbal tea! 
Mountain or Sea: Mountain  Long Drive or Short Drive: Short Drive Silence or Conversation: Silence
Best quote: 
You are confined only by thewalls you build yourself - Anonymous
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