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Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil Face Wash Reviews

By Makeuptemple @makeuptemple
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Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil Face Wash Reviews
I am back with another Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil review.
It is one of the rare organic brand that I really like, If you are my regular reader you'll know that I am not a great fan of herbal, botanic, organic, mineral products, but that there are rare organic brands ad products, I really enjoy using. 
I do not like mineral and organic brands as most of causes allergies and rashes, and I prefer to stick by the brands I use for long time. 
What I like about Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil Face products are they are really good for oily skin. 
Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil Face Wash Reviews
This face wash makes my skin soft, and it gets rid of all the excess oil.  It gives a fresh feeling as the ingredient is tea tree oil, it is really easy to use (not that the other face washes are difficult to use) It is in a mousse form, and it is more hygienic. 
Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil Face Wash Reviews
The bottle is big and if you use two pumps a day, you will use it around 4-5 bottles. 
It is good for face cleansing but on the other hand, It is not ideal for mature skin. As tea tree oil is mainly for acne prone skin. 
It is good and ideal product for teens, but when you hit your 30's you need deep cleansing, hydrating, repair type of products. 
Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil Face Wash Reviews
It cleans my face makeup except long lasting foundations like Illamasqua ( to remove Illamasqua foundation needs a bit deep rubbing ) It removes %90 of my eye makeup, I say %90 as I use a lash primer, WP Mascara and a seal gel, those factors makes it diffucult for a regular face wash and clean the makeup. 
I generally have special products to remove my eye makeup but during the test period I have not used those products.
If you are teenager and if you do not use long lasting makeup no need to use an extra product and personally my recommendations for a teenager is less makeup, I live close to a school and I see the girls going to school with full makeup, some have false lashes on, they look like they have just come out from a beauty saloon,  I am a woman who started to play with make up when I was just 3, I have got the experience of years :) and I am totally against using makeup products at a young age. It is not good for your skin, you will need makeup when you are an adult but not when you are just 12-13. 
Just have one mascara, eye liner, blush, a cover stick to cover your acne & prone, and a lip gloss  
Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil Face Wash Reviews
When I do any makeup this face wash is enough to clean my face, I recommend this face wash especially for summer,  I am sure you already noticed that in summer time it is unbearable to live with a greasy hair & skin.  It will clean your face and give your self a fresh feeling.
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