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Aunt Sally's Debut: Two Delightful Rhyming Books by Jean Peel.

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost

Aunt Sally's Debut: Two delightful rhyming books by Jean Peel.

Aunt Sally is a curious cat, always getting into something, especially trouble. Author Jean Peel has published the first two of her rhyming, illustrated Aunt Sally books. There will be a total of nine books in the series.Here is an excerpt of How Aunt Sally Got Her Name:

This story you're about to hearWill hopefully please, so do not fear.It's how Aunt Sally was given her nameBy a little girl called Matilda-Jane.

The story begins a long time ago,On the opening day of the annual show,When a mother cat left her two kittens to playSo she could go hunting to find some prey.
Their home was in a farmer's shed.The bales of hay made a comfy bed.They learned to keep out of the farmer's way.There were lots of places to hide and play.
The kittens soon grew tired of their gamesAnd ended up calling each other names.When her brother curled up to have a napAunt Sally ran off without thought of mishap.

Mrs. Peel’s second Aunt Sally book is How Aunt Sally Went to the Zoo.And here is the book cover:

Aunt Sally's Debut: Two delightful rhyming books by Jean Peel.
About the Author: Being an avid reader all her life, Jean has always been a casual writer, and only recently finished her ninth Aunt Sally manuscript. At the request of her sons, and perhaps for the benefit of her grandchildren, Jean is currently documenting her own memories and those of her mother; at least the ones that she can remember.Opening herself to the world of creativity, Jean has also become addicted to card making, and more recently painting with oils and acrylics. She continues to bring more of her Aunt Sally stories to life, whilst working on a novel she’s had sitting on her writing desk for some time; that is, when she’s not overcome with writer’s block.For more information on Jean, check out her website

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