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Attire Club Mood Board: Fashion & Costumes from the British Library’s Mechanical Curator

By Attireclub @attireclub

The Mechanical Curator of the British Library is a tool that was designed to extract images from old books that have been digitized. The software was created a few years ago and, soon after it was put to work, it has extracted over 1 million images.

These images feature everything and anything from maps and portraits to flowers and animals. Needless to say, the styles of the images are as varied as the books themselves.

Among the 1 million images, there are also many images featuring costumes or clothes. These great fashion illustrations depict a variety of outfits, from traditional to avant-garde. Many images tagged with the keywords clothes and fashion are simple images from books in which the characters are beautifully dressed.

Many of the clothes extracted from the books of the British Library had not been seen by the human eye for over a century before their digitalization, as many had been stacked somewhere deep inside the shelves of the library.

From a sartorial perspective, it can be said that a lot of these looks are downright inspirational. The colors, the textures and the shapes all have the potential to inspire anyone. Some of them could even be part of a novel collection. If a few of these clothes were to be reinterpreted with modern fabrics and with a contemporary twist, they would be quite groundbreaking.

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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