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Astrology of the Day – Wednesday 15th November 2017

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Astrology of the Day – Wednesday 15th November 2017

The Moon stays in Libra today the sign more associated with relating and relationships than any other one, and the connections today kick off a week where your relationships will start to come under more pressure than they have done in a while. Matters of fairness will be paramount, as will getting your own way and how others react to this.

As you'll know if you read yesterday's update, the Moon is now entering into a conjunction with Mars the planet of action and physicality and this will start to put our emotions onto a heightened level of alertness. There will be an urgency in our reactions, and this always can lead to us reacting in too sharp a manner and too aggressively as well. Now the problem is that both Mars and the Moon will be at the same time forming an applying square aspect to Pluto. Mars Pluto squares are not easy to deal with. They can increase sexual and aggressive tension and there is a tendency with them to undermine and manipulate someone else through subversive tactics. Remember that Mars is in the sign of relationships and Pluto is in the sign of structure, Capricorn. The fabric of the basis of your relationship with someone will be rocked, and the Moon's presence in this will be to heighten emotions up a notch or two. Mars in Libra fights for justice and can be very one sided, unusual as this is the sign of balance, but you have to remember that Mars is a very individual force, and that individual focus doesn't work very well when it comes to seeing things in an even handed way. It's the same with Mars in Gemini where the sign is very much split down the middle because of it's twin nature, and in Pisces where the two fish swim in opposite directions. What I'm saying is, expect there to be some "disturbance in the force" this week as Mars and Pluto play off one another. That emotional manipulation and force for change will heighten yet more as the Moon passes Mars and makes the exact square to Pluto around midday (UK/European time).

Late on in the day, the need for individualism heightens again as the Moon enters into an opposition with Uranus. Here we will go against what we are told to do. There is an excitability and unexpected nature about this opposition and we may just go off on such an emotional tangent so much so that nobody else will really understand why we are doing so. There is a cooling of the emotions here too, as if you don't care what other people think. I'm not saying that we will be uncaring, no not at all, but maybe with the energy around on this day we will act as if we have to be a little cruel to be kind. At the same time as this is happening the Moon will start to make a sextile to Saturn. This connection actually completes early tomorrow, but we will start to feel the effects this evening. The changes we are forcing now are one that we will want to stick or make more permanent. Being emotionally tough and encouraging others to adapt their ways through the force of our own will is not for everyone, but that is what the planets this evening are telling us to do...

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