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Astrology of the Day - Saturday 25th November 2017

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Astrology of the Day - Saturday 25th November 2017

The Moon remains in the air sign of Aquarius today and there is a need to innovate and to do things a little differently and independently. We may feel as if we need to rebel against the establishment way of doing things, and we won't be in a mood to comply or tow the line. All the same, we have a kind humanity about us and a caring side that is inclusive and quite lovely. We will want to be sociable today and we have a need to connect and network with others, but ultimately we need to be getting on with our own agenda in our own inimitable way. The Moon's movements mirror this perception.

The Moon is moving towards a conjunction with the South Node today and matters of the past or of past actions may be important early on, although it's better not to dwell on these too much as this is not the direction that we need to go in. We learn from the past, but we strive for the future.

The next aspects we pick up on are a trine to Mars and a square to Venus. Here we have a need to take positive action and to achieve something tangible from this day, and the square to Venus is sympathetic and yet conflicting at the same time. We want to relate with people and situations, but we won't really have our hearts 100% on doing so, as if our emotions and needs are in at cross purposes with each other. The sense I get from this is that we'd do better on our own today and ploughing our own furrow, as if we rely on others then we may not so much achieved as if we go it alone. The Moon makes a sextile to Uranus in Aries later on and this gives us the same story, of needing to go it alone, as we know best. Mercury closing in on the conjunction to Saturn is now in a trine with Uranus today as well and the Moon forms the midpoint between the two. This brings an excitable end to the day where we can think quickly and react just as fast. It allows us to grasp any problems with ease and to work out the right strategy to get the results we desire out of any situation.

Mercury and Venus link up with fixed stars today too. Mercury is now into the sting of Scorpio and it aligns with Aculeus, a star of hurtful attacks. We may be criticised in some manner during this day, but try to learn from what is being said to you, as there may be a grain of truth, through which we can learn a lesson and get stronger. Venus links up with the heart of the Serpent in the constellation of Serpens, otherwise known as Unukalhai. This is an unfortunate star linked with sickness and maladies, and it may affect our ability to relate to others in the next day or so, so it won't be very easy to get through to people we care about. Best maybe that we give them a little space and time, and make sure that our own agenda keeps on rolling along.

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