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Astrology of the Day – Moon into Virgo – Thursday 1st March 2018

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

The Moon is still in the sign of Leo for a little while today, and while it is we will continue to demand attention and love from those close to us. If we are in a good mood and things are going well for us, then we will be warm and generous, but if we are upset then we'll be more like a bear (or lion) with a sore head.

Now the first aspect to affect us today comes immediately, as Mercury makes a tense square to Mars. This aspect allows us to communicate clearly, concisely what we want and when we want it, but it may come out as a demand for action rather than more diplomatically put, and this may put other people's noses out of joint. There is a directness of thought that is perfect for those of us who wish to engage in some kind of debate, and we may be able to put across critical comments with the clarity of a barrister cross examining a witness, although this aspect makes us hasty with the result that we we may rush to judgement without thinking of the consequences. There is also potential for anger to rise now and for the red mist to descend if we are upset by something. This could well happen through something that emotional hurts us as the Moon follows up by making a difficult inconjunct aspect to Chiron, the wounded healer.

Mercury is an influential planet today, and it makes a second aspect very soon after the Mars one, by forming a sextile to Pluto. This is a great aspect for digging beneath the surface of an issue and finding out the real truth. In a way it very much complements the Mercury/Mars square operating as well. The manner of our communication will be powerful and penetrating, and our words and thoughts can make a discernible difference. If we want to psycho-analyse our own actions and desires, then we can successfully do so under this connection.

The Moon shifts into Virgo in mid morning, and we will become a little quieter and more diligent in the tasks that we have to carry out. This is a much more shy and retiring sign for the Moon to be moving in, and we will start to shun the attention that we wanted earlier on. Now we will put our heads down, and get on with the more practical side of life.

As we reach lunchtime, Venus in Pisces forms an exact trine to Jupiter in Scorpio, a watery connection that is generally fortunate in nature, especially in a financial or romantic sense. It's almost like despite the acerbic nature of the Mercury square Mars, this link can makes sure that we can charm our way out of difficult situations, and make love instead of war. This aspect soothes the tension that may be dredged up, and make us or others smile and laugh. This is normally a lazy connection and it could drag us into thinking that we can take it easy throughout the day, however the conscientiousness of the Virgo Moon will continue to make us aware of our responsibilities.

There is one last lunar connection today, and this sees the Moon forming a trine to Saturn. This aspect calms our emotions from earlier on, and makes us more organised, more authoritarian and less willing to rock the boat. This aspect allows us to deal with stress and anxiety in a cool and calm way, and even if we are pushed to react by others, then our demeanour will such that we will be able to respond constructively.

There is a star planet connection that occurs today, and this sees Venus the planet of love, values and diplomacy making a conjunction with Markab, one of the stars in the great constellation of Pegasus, the winged horse. Markab represents the saddle of the back of Pegasus, a place of stability as Pegasus speeds through the sky. That notion of safety, stability and a solid base allows us to hold our nerves while the storm rages around us. Through the love that we express to others and the way we can mediate and act diplomatically, we can find the middle ground while debate gets out of hand. Remember that you can find peace and gain respect if you hold your nerve today, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride...

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