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Astrology of the Day – Moon into Libra - Saturday 3rd March 2018

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

The Moon begins in the latter stages of Virgo and our quest to get things right continues, and even if we have some success we will tend to underplay it. We will show love and caring through doing things that of a service nature, such as little acts of kindness that through their thoughtful nature can actually make a big difference.

The Moon's first connections early today sees it making an inconjunct aspect to Uranus swiftly followed by an opposition to Chiron. Unexpected disruptions, unusual experiences or sudden accidents could make you think twice about how you are going about things and the opposition to Chiron may mean that you feel a little emotionally hurt or upset over what is going on now. In contrast your change of mood or ideas could make others uncomfortable and upset their plans.

The Moon then moves void of course through the rest of the night and as dawn breaks here in the UK she moves into the diplomatic sign of Libra. The Moon in this sign needs some harmony and everything to be in balance, and any shift of the scales one way or the other can get us acting to restore the situation back into equilibrium. The thing is that this Moon also does not want to get into a fight either because Libra is a sign of peace, therefore we refrain from doing what we should do, if we know we might get drawn into a conflict. We will naturally act as a mediator to calm down a situation if it starts to get out of hand to stop the emotional upset that it might cause us.

The Moon now in Libra makes just one aspect, and this is a square to Saturn. This is quite a tough end to the day and our emotions may be tested once again by something or someone who is critical of us, and what we are doing, We may be rather sensitive to anyone questioning us now, and it might be a good idea to find a little space for yourself, a place away from those who might hurt you. Some time to do your own thing this evening might be beneficial for you.

Now Mars makes contact with the main star in the constellation of Ophiuchus, Ras Alhague. This star is one linked to healing and also associated with sorting out social problems too, and this aspect indicates direct action could be taken to help those in trouble or those who require help in a difficult situation. It may be a good thing to be pro-active in giving assistance to those who need it now, and you may see the emergency services wherever you are such as the police, ambulance, fire and even the military called into action to solve a difficult situation.

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