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Astrology of the Day – Moon into Leo – Wednesday 28th February 2018

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

The Moon remain in the enthusiastic sign of Leo today, and we may be brash, confident, proud and rather stubborn too. The Leo Moon wants to be noticed and also to be praised for whatever it does, and today we will crave not only attention but also love shown to us from others, be it for who we are or for what we have achieved during this day. The last thing any Leo influence wants or needs is to be rejected, and if this happens then you can expect a very visible reaction of disappointment and hurt.

The Moon starting this day makes a series of difficult inconjunct aspects, so this will a day of many adjustments, enforced changes or irritations. The first two of these occur as the Leo Moon makes two 150 degree inconjunct aspects firstly to Neptune, and then to Mercury so be aware of those telling you lies, being deceitful or not giving you the whole truth. Something about the level of communication that you are receiving may not be right, or you may encounter a confusing set of circumstances where you will not know where to turn. Please do not make important decisions this morning, as your judgement may be rather impaired.

Followed on from this vague and rather mystifying beginning to the day, the Moon makes a trine to Mars. This connection brings an emotional need to act on something and it may make you impatient too, however please heed the warning of the aspects preceding this one and try if you can to hold back. You may be like a stock car on the line waiting to set off at high speed, however it'll be best to keep the brakes firmly on, no matter how irritating this may be,

Directly after this trine, there are two more inconjunct aspects for the Moon to make. The first is to Pluto and the second is to Venus. This highlights the sextile between these two planets that I explained yesterday, and it suggests some discord in the relationships and values that you have. Maybe things aren't so fine with a partner or lover, maybe because you want them to change and yet they refuse to, or just can't? This may bring an intense emotional reaction that may upset you. You may also want someone to change their opinions over something that you see as unfair, but you may hit a brick wall stopping you from getting the equality or justice that you seek?

There are still a couple of aspects to go before we complete this day. The Moon makes a square to Jupiter, and matter of justice and getting a fair deal may still be on our mind by the evening. This aspect does start to make us a bit more philosophical though, and we may take the attitude that there are plenty other fish in the sea, and other opportunities may come along instead that are more agreeable to us. The second aspect is a trine to Uranus, and this encourages us to do our own thing, and not worry about the intransigent views of others. This aspect tell you to follow your own path, confide in only those who are on your own wavelength, and to hell with everyone else. By the end of today, you'll know who your friends are, who you can trust, and who you can't...

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