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Astrology of the Day – Moon in Virgo - Friday 2nd February 2018

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

The Moon is in the modest and organised sign of Virgo during this Friday, and we will go about our duties with a minimum and fuss and bother. The lunar energy impels us to get things right, and if we can't carry out our tasks just as we want them, then we will continue to fuss over them until we finally get the exact results that we want. Everything has to be done with precision, efficiently and properly, by not cutting corners and not by taking chances. No, under the Moon in Virgo, that would never do.

The Moon begins the day by making a square to Mars now moving in Sagittarius. Our emotions will always be on edge with a square aspect between these two celestial bodies and here the reserved emotions of the Moon may totally frustrate the freewheeling adventurous Mars. Someone who is far more open and wiling to take a risk may intervene in our careful plans and upset them completely, or their open nature may cut right across the disciplined path that we are trying to tread.

After this upset, the Moon makes a much easier trine to Saturn in Capricorn, and we can get back on track after the initial upsets that we endured earlier on. These two planets in these signs are communicating well and have a similar down to earth attitude. Because of this we will be diligent, careful and we can make slow but steady progress to achieve our goals.

In the latter part of the day there is an opposition to Neptune from the Moon and also an inconjunct aspect to the Sun. We may feel more disorientated or bemused the longer this day goes on. Our emotions and feelings will be out of sync with what we want to achieve, and this may lead us to wonder what is actually going on, as if our best efforts are constantly being thwarted. You may feel as if you are treading water or swimming against the current of the river. The only way to get around this will be to go with the prevailing tide, and let the water carry you where you need to go. You might not end up at the right destination, but at least the frustration level within you will reduce, and once the waters subside you'll be able to concentrate more effectively tomorrow.

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