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Astrology of the Day – Moon in Cancer - Monday 29th January 2018

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

The Moon is in the family orientated, caring sign of Cancer today and we are much more emotional, moody and attuned into the rhythms of the day than we were when the Moon was in Gemini just yesterday. Our commitments are to the ones we love, our home and to home comforts too, like food. Cancer loves cooking and we may go the extra mile today to create something in the kitchen that we know everyone will enjoy.

The Moon makes an initial opposition to Saturn first up today and so we may have some serious business to attend to before we really get going today. This may be official work, responsibilities that we know we have to carry out and the like. We may be challenged by others to "pull our socks up" and emotionally we may be just a little repressed. This opposition stops the normal flow of emotions and also limits our options too. The Moon then forms an inconjunct to the Sun and we may feel rather "off balance" or unsure of ourselves, indeed others might find us inconsistent or more difficult than we normally are. If you have to depend on someone else now, try not to. Under this aspect it's much better to try and do things yourself, and if you do make a mistake then at least you can't blame anyone else but yourself.

The Moon follows on to make a very pleasant trine to Neptune. This is a lovely thoughtful and peaceful influence and we may spend most of the afternoon dreaming of what could be. We may not get too much work done now as our minds and emotions wander off and imagine what we would like to be doing rather than the actual tasks that we should be carrying out.

The final aspect on this quiet day sees the Moon forming an inconjunct to Venus, the planet of love and values. If we are looking for affection from our partner, spouse or lover this evening it may not so forthcoming, as they will seem to be on a different wavelength than we are. Maybe we will say the wrong things or act in a way that they just can't appreciate. If this is the case, don't worry or get too upset - this is possible as the Moon is after all in moody Cancer. We can't always see eye to eye and rest assured that things will back to normal in the not too distant future...

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