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Astrology of the Day – Mercury Sextile Mars – Friday 17th November 2017

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Astrology of the Day – Mercury sextile Mars – Friday 17th November 2017

The Moon stays in Scorpio, and the steely determination that I explained yesterday surrounding us remains. There is a need to control our environment and to survive, not to be overwhelmed either by people around us or by circumstances. Our emotions are strong and passionate about our goals and we won't accept anything that is half-hearted, today we will want the real McCoy, full answers and total commitment.

In the morning there is a sense of joy and optimism with the Moon in the midst of the Jupiter Venus conjunction that has dazzled us in the early morning skies over the past few days. We are open to new things and to learning new lessons, expanding our horizons and accepting anything that helps us to understand more about ourselves. Neptune is now trine to Venus and Jupiter and there is a very social, idealist and spiritual feel about the energy around us. We are still under a creative spell and inspiration continues to flow unabated. The Moon picks up on this joyous vibe, and we will feel good about ourselves early on.

Now there are other influences starting to affect us. Mars is still closing in on a square to Pluto and under the surface some of our deepest intentions are being controlled and hidden away. That which is not said and done is just as important as the actions we see and hear, and much is being said at the moment as Mercury forms a sextile to Mars. This is an aspect of advertising and marketing our ideas and acting in a very visible manner; we will be fast to act and speak, with confidence and assurance.

There is a conflict going on here. On the surface we see Mars sextile Mercury and we see the propaganda being given to us, but under the surface is going on much more transformational change at a subliminal level through Mars square Pluto. Both are going on at the same time, but we may only really appreciate what which we actually see; my advise is to look beyond this and to be aware that there is a deeper truth at work too.

We have some planet star connections to factor into the mix today as well. Mercury makes contact with the main star in the constellation of Hercules, Ras Algethi. This star is on linked to the natural order of things, the environment and as it instils fixed purpose and tenacity. Mercury linked with this star gives us the potential to argue our case or persuade in a very convincing manner - this links in very well to the themes I mentioned earlier. It also gives us an interest in environmental and natural issues today.

Venus makes a connection with both Acrux in the constellation of the Southern Cross and Alphecca in the constellation of the Woman's Crown, Corona Borealis. Acrux is a star of materialism and our values will be pulled towards money and possessions today, and how we see ourselves through these things. Alphecca is a star of enjoyment, but of also paying a price, a star of loves enjoyed, but of loves lost too. Remember, what you spend today, you won't have to spend tomorrow, so this evening it's time to make a choice. Live for today, or plan for the future? Act now & take things at face value or hold back a bit to see what develops? You never know you might find the combination and strike gold if you choose correctly, but remember nothing ever comes for free in this life, and you may have to be responsible for the consequences of your actions in the weeks ahead if you choose incorrectly...

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