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Astrology of the Day – Mercury and Venus into Aries - Tuesday 6th March 2018

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

The Moon is moving within the confines of the sign of Scorpio all day, and our needs are now will be more immediate but initially hidden. We will require full and complete answers to all our questions and queries, and there will be an intense desire to complete all of our tasks and plans in a full and absolute manner, with no half measures allowed. Today we will have greater will and desire to succeed than before, and we will achieve our objectives.

The Moon just to add to the authoritarian feel that I just explained makes a sextile to Saturn early on today, and this just strengthens our resolve to work hard, do our best and to achieve everything that we want to finish and/or complete. We won't get very emotional about situations, but see them in a hard and rather cold hearted way. It may be tough for those who are more sensitive than we are, but this connection linked to the Moon in all or nothing Scorpio will urge us to in a less than subtle manner to seek positive results.

This is a day of switching priorities and energies and the first of these vital changes occurs as Mercury moves out of Pisces, and into Aries. This is a brand new cycle for the planet of communication, and through this shift of signs there will be much less waiting around for things to happen, and we will take the bull but the horns and ask for exactly for what we want. There will be a directness to the way we communicate, think and act, and for the next few weeks Mercury will be in this sign making us much more decisive than we were.

Taking the edge of things during the middle of the day, and adding in some extra love, compassion and sensitivity, the Moon makes a double trine to both Neptune and the Sun. There will be much harmony and peace through these aspects and we will be able to combine our emotions, intuition and the higher love inside us to soothe and comfort anyone who needs some attention.

There is one last change happening today and late on Venus follows Mercury into the sign of Aries. As I mentioned earlier on, Aries brings an immediacy to all that it affects and now the planet of love and our values is being affected. This chance will make us much more amorous in a direct and visible way, so we will have less patience will our partner or lover, and we will want to feel their love now, not yesterday or in a few days time. Venus is will take on a more immediate and hasty feel, and through this change we will want to swept off our feet and know that we are the most important person in the world.

As Venus follows Mercury, she also connects with the star that Mercury connected with yesterday, Scheat in the constellation of Pegasus. As I mentioned if you read my post on Monday, this is a star of intellect, and now we will find the communication within our relationships much more important and emphasised than before. If we don't feel that "connection", then the swirling emotions of this star could upset and even jeopardise a relationship situation for us, putting it under strain if a partner is unable to properly communicate with you. It may be that you need a bit of independence within a relationship situation, and room to do your own thing. Venus also represents art and beauty, and you may be in a position to push your own creations now, and let others know about your individual work and talents.

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