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Astrology of the Day – Lunar Eclipse in Leo – Wednesday 31st January 2018

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

The Moon in is the regal sign of Leo today and we will feel proud and full of ourselves. This is a day to be on show and to present yourself to the world, the Leo Moon wouldn't have it any other way. There is a warm-hearted side to us as well, and we may be generous to the hilt towards those we love and adore, so long as we receive the attention that we crave from them too.
Now this day starts off with the Moon making a difficult inconjunct aspect to Saturn, and this aspect may stop us in our tracks as we may be forced by circumstances or by someone who holds some sway over us to backtrack or adjust our attitudes. We may be slightly hurt by harsh words or a less than sympathetic attitude.

The Moon then sets off on its own until at 13.27 GMT it makes an opposition with the Sun, and because this opposition finds the Earth in the way of the solar light for a short while, the Moon will be plunged into darkness and a Lunar Eclipse will be formed. The eclipse will be fully seen in Central and Eastern Asia, most of Australia, Alaska and Western Canada. This eclipse across the Leo Aquarius axis will highlight our individual needs as against those of the groups we are members of, and you may find these themes coming out in your lives in some way. This eclipse I think will highlight the mother figure or senior lady in your family or in your life, and she will be an important factor in the months ahead.

After the eclipse starts to dissipate, Mercury moves into the air sign of Aquarius. This happening so soon after the eclipse gives us an indication of what is coming. It's time to network, get your message out as an individual to the group and the wider community. It's time to think differently and more radically to and to express those ideas that you have been harbouring for some time, and act on them. The Moon then moves on to make an inconjunct aspect to Neptune, an aspect of some emotional disappointment and some sacrifice too. Will you be let down now? Will your pride be hurt? You may not see the ramifications of what is going on as Neptune often veils the full effects of any actions taken, however something hidden or someone in the shadows may be working against you without you realising it. Stay calm and aware of all possibilities.

The final act of this day sees the Moon opposing Venus, and we may be challenged in a relationship, or not see eye to eye with a partner. This aspect also sets the scene I think in the days and months ahead for the relationships that you are in to be put to the test. I'm not saying straight up they relationships will be broken up. Of course that is an irresponsible thing to suggest, but this Full Moon eclipse may highlight deficiencies in how you relate to others and how you value things and people in your lives. It'll be time in the weeks and months ahead to examine your attitudes and to make improvements so that the relationships you are in can actually survive the tests and rigours of time...

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