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ASS-BURGERS! Stirkes Again! {The Joys of Autistic Parenting}

By Thibben @aspieadventures

My Take On Asperger's!

   Okay so I know I blogged yesterday & lord knows I don't want to burn you out on my ramblings but there were some things that we have had the last few days that have know! My parents have a pool so every chance the kids get they are jumping in the car with them if they stop by to run away for an hour or so. The other day while swimming with my parents Jayden was told it was time for everyone to get out and dry off. This didn't sit well and according to the sugar coated story my mother told me & the half mumbled story I pulled out of Jayden, he got mad so as he went inside he locked the door leaving everyone else out on the deck! WOW! We don't deal with a lot of meltdowns because he internalizes a lot but as he gets older he does get more brazen. Needless to say as I picked my jaw up off my parents kitchen floor after hearing the story & after working it out & delving out a bit of dad justice {My patented upset dad face & a Full House Danny Tanner style talking to!} we were okay & I had to laugh just a bit to myself about the thought of my parents, Zion, & Deano all stuck out on the deck looking through the glass yelling at Jayden as he sat on the couch flipping on the TV!
   Last night we had a fathers day cookout & my mother had the forethought to have not just chicken, hamburgers, & hot dogs but one plate of popcorn chicken so Jayden would eat too. Seemingly the makings for a great meal for all, nope! I think because we have a crazy odd set routine we do things in it's not til you throw someone else in the mix or involve other people who, though they may have an idea of the extent of what your family involves, really have no idea. First the chicken nuggets were cooked but not crispy, if they are soggy like you cooked them in the microwave it's just not happening! After an understanding grandma cooked a second plate came the next road block, double chicken nuggets! You know, when two popcorn chicken comes out of the bag that are made together? Those are a no go & as Jayden explains to them the logic that those aren't natural & no you can't just cut them in half like you are suggesting because then you can see the white tender inside & that's just gross! At home, these are all things that are just part of the daily grind but out and about it's foreign to others. After a bit of talking & some aspie parent magic he did finally eat some but it was a battle! I know a lot of you have battles with food but what about the style of cooking, look of the finished product, and stuff like that?

Zion, Nerding It Up For His 'Awkward
X-Mas Card' Last Year!

   Lastly, then I will get off here as mom & deano are out for the day so the big boys {Jayden, Dad, & Zion} have a Man-Date with a certain Kung Fu Panda today at 2:30pm. Zion is 5 now & while his appointment is getting closer he is having more & more issues that I'm really crossing my fingers we can try & get under control. I'm not saying he has Asperger's like Jayden or ever Autism, but maybe, he is so different than Jayden but both of them are so so so different from Dean. It's like comparing Dennis the Menace to Phineas & Ferb! Unlike Jayden, Zion indeed DOES have meltdowns. On average about 10 a day & that's a combo of 5 meltdowns & 5 full scale nuclear meltdowns! Before leaving the house, even to step out the the mailbox he HAS to have Kisses, Eskimo Kisses, A Hug, Blow Kisses of which you must catch, & wave at him until he is not in sight! If that is in any way not done or even out of order things go nuclear! He has massive mounts of anxiety & his own set of quarks that calm him down in times of chaos. I guess what I'm getting at is....What are the odds? Right? Could two of them really be autistic? or have some sort of issue? I guess I want to know in order to help if he will need an IEP or OT. A lot of the stuff we do for Jayden in the home we already incorporate for Zion so that parts not a big deal. I just see how much OT has helped Jayden & can't help but wonder what they could do to help Zion as well. I find myself going through the same thing we went through before Jayden went in to the Doctor. On a great day when everything is going awesome you say "What I'm I thinking! I'm reading to much into it!" but then the next day he is so upset he is shaking all over and he is going through rituals in order to get tasks done & you are like "yep, good thing I made that appointment"

   Thanks for reading everyone! Only 7 more days until we leave for Chicago! The awesome folks over at Hyatt, who thankfully are apparently fans of this blog, have treated us very well with a room right off of the river & within steps of Navy Pier! It's going to be pretty great so don't forget to check back & feel free to drop me a comment if you have any ideas of great places to check out, any good coupons to use, or anything else you think of that we can add to our list of Chicago fun! Don't for get to enter my Give-A-Way & win some awesome Autism/Asperger's books.

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