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Ask Ms Career Girl: Nursing Degree Career Options Outside a Hospital

Posted on the 13 February 2015 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
Ask Ms Career Girl: Nursing Degree Career Options Outside a Hospital

While many people think that a nursing degree only leads to a lifetime of scrubs inside the hospital halls,  a nursing degree now offers more possibilities.

A reader wrote us: Help! I don’t think nursing is for me, I don’t want to be stuck in a hospital. 

You took up nursing to be a nurse. Obviously. However, the common notion behind being a nurse of being confined within the realm of a hospital has long passed. The healthcare profession is a noble one, but as a nurse, it s thought that you are also restricted by your role and location. If you are the type who wants more out of life, the idea of day in day out in scrubs may freak you out and lead to you losing motivation to finish that nursing degree. Hold on, don’t let go just yet. These days, apart from a hospital nurse, you can try to become a travel nurse, camp nurse, or a case management nurse.

A Travel Nurse is a type of independent healthcare contractor that caters to multiple temporary positions at different hospitals. While it sounds exhausting, it can also be more profitable and rewarding than one assigned to just one hospital. Travel Nurses often make more than the traditional nurse, and as they are in control of their schedule they are also more flexible.

If you really want to find a job that is less demanding, try becoming a camp nurse. Camp nurses give medical care to people attending camps and retreats. They cater to both children and adults,  and has the task of either responding to emergency situations or simply giving sound wellbeing advice.

Case Management Nurses have a very fulfilling role, as they look out for patients who are already outside the hospital. They coordinate long term care and make sure that patients are healthy and remain out of the hospital. You can work with either individuals or groups, and also have to have a very personal touch. You are also up to date with the latest treatment, care, and prevention processes and products.

As you can see, if you’re the type to get hospital – claustrophobic there are still roles for you to consider in the field of nursing. Whatever path you choose, take pride in the fact that you are pursuing a truly noble and admirable career track. That, on its own, should be enough to drive you to the finish line.

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