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Ashley Madison Customers Revealed: John Vawter, Founder of Capstone Collegiate Communities in Birmingham, Appears at Cheaters' Web Site

Posted on the 04 October 2016 by Rogershuler @RogerShuler

Ashley Madison customers revealed: John Vawter, founder of Capstone Collegiate Communities in Birmingham, appears at cheaters' Web site

John and Susan Vawter

A founding principal of a Birmingham-based student-housing company is a paying customer at the Ashley Madison extramarital-affair Web site, records show.
John Vawter, who helped found Capstone Collegiate Communities, has more than 28 years of experience in student-housing development. The company specializes in the development, construction and management of off-campus student housing near major colleges and universities across the country.
The company started as Capstone Development, which over 23 years, developed 131 communities in 33 states. A restructuring in January 2012 produced Capstone Collegiate Communities, with Vawter joining Rob Howland and Ben Walker as principals.
From Vawter's bio at the Capstone Web site:
John is one of the founding members of Capstone, with over 28 years’ experience in student housing development. He began his career at Capstone in residential site acquisitions and transitioned to overall development. In 2000, John focused his efforts on opportunities west of the Rocky Mountains, managing the opening and operations of Capstone’s West Coast regional office in Encinitas, California. In 2004, he moved back to Capstone’s headquarters in Birmingham to lead Capstone’s Off-Campus Development Division. In 2009, he also took over leadership of Cottage Builder’s, Inc. In January 2012, following the restructuring of The Capstone Companies, John Vawter became one of the three principals of Capstone Collegiate Communities, LLC.

Vawter is married to Susan M. Vawter, and they live in Vestavia Hills, in a house that is valued at almost $800,000 on Kings Mountain Road. Here is a link to Susan Vawter's Facebook page,
where she is listed as a certified yoga instructor at YMCA of Birmingham. She also is listed as a former designer at Ford Motor Company, although it's hard to tell if that is meant to be taken seriously or not.
Susan Vawter, however, does appear to take her right-wing political views seriously. From a September 22, 2016, post at her Facebook page:
I have shared before, however, worth sharing again given the past few days and the rhetoric surrounding and understand this is Hillary and Barack's agenda. If you want this country to become Venezuela, cue pictures of people diving for the last bags of rice on a grocery shelf, than (sic) be my guest and vote for Hillary or write in Bernie. But then really come to terms w the phrase, "useful idiot." Your welcome, signed, "deplorable"

How ironic is it for Susan Vawter to be such a right winger when her husband makes a cozy living off public universities. Perhaps she is just out of touch with reality, unaware that her husband has been using one of the Web's most notorious sites, one designed specifically for generating extramarital affairs.
We sought comment from John Vawter for this post, but he has not responded to our query.

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