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Asheville Honda Finds Biltmore Avenue Flood Pool Dirty, Cold, and Not Nearly Deep Enough

Posted on the 31 January 2013 by Citizenthymes @citizenthymes

ASHEVILLE- January is probably not the optimal month to take a quick dip outside.

But one Asheville Honda decided to go ahead and take a dip anyways.

“There I was cruising down Biltmore Avenue and then I saw it,” said Honda.

“The pool of water was just calling my name. I thought the pool could wash all the salt I’ve collected the last couple of weeks.”

However, the pool on Biltmore Avenue quickly disappointed Honda.

Apparently the water was so dirty Honda didn't even notice the sharks...Photo by Derek Lee Johnson

Apparently the water was so dirty Honda didn’t even notice the sharks…Photo by Derek Lee Johnson

“The water was frigidly cold. I haven’t been that cold since I went tubing in Montana last September,” said Honda.

“Also the water was super dirty. Not to mention the fact, the water wasn’t even deep enough for diving. What fun is it to wade in waist deep water?”

To make matters worse, Honda’s owner Frank Reynolds constantly berated Honda to get out of the pool.

“Oh my God, Frank was so annoying,” said Honda.

“Every 30 seconds he was like get out of the pool and I was like, ‘but I just got here. 5 more minutes, please Frank?’ Thankfully the pool wasn’t spectacular; otherwise I would have blown a gasket. Can you believe Frank didn’t want to play Marco Polo?”

Honda finally complied with Frank’s orders and got out of the pool. Honda doesn’t plan on going swimming in pools anytime soon as Frank warned Honda of the possibility of pneumonia.

“Oh pneumonia is really bad stuff,” said Honda.

“I don’t want to take any more chances. Pneumonia can really mess up your tailpipes.”

Honda also can’t stand the fact that there is water still stuck in his floorboard from the swim. Honda is currently seeking the human equivalent of q-tips to remedy the problem.

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