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Asheville Adult to Vote for Romney After Bad Trick Or Treating Haul Last Night

By Citizenthymes @citizenthymes

ASHEVILLE- Both presidential campaigns has challenged every American to answer the question are you better off today than you were four years ago?

For Rodney Taylor the answer to that question is no.

Asheville adult to vote for Romney after bad trick or treating haul last night

Romney to tackle candy shortage for stormtrooper

After dressing up in his storm trooper costume for the 36th Halloween in a row, Taylor pulled in the worst trick or treating load of candy ever last night.  Taylor as a result will be casting his ballot for Mitt Romney this coming Tuesday, because he claims to not be better off than he was four years ago.

“Trick or treating was a disaster last night, nobody wanted to give me candy,” said Taylor.

“The economy must be in shambles if nobody is willing to give me candy. I’ve had the same routine for 36 years. Look at my bag it is nearly empty. Obama may of killed Bin Laden, but he also killed my sweet tooth. I hope Romney can really turn this candy shortage around.”

Taylor managed to receive candy from four Asheville residents last night. However, the four pieces of candy was a small bright spot in a night full of ridicule and tough questions.

“My neighbors were all like ‘really Rodney? Again? Aren’t you too old for trick or treating?” said Taylor.

“There is nothing wrong with a 42-year-old man reliving his childhood. The current economic crisis has turned my neighbors into a bunch of stiffs. To top it off the economy must be in a real crisis, because the four pieces of candy I got were generic brand. No Butterfingers? Bart Simpson somewhere right now is cursing the world.”

Taylor has pledged to vote for Romney Tuesday. But Taylor says Obama still could get his vote if Obama managed to turn his depressing week around.

‘This week started off terrible after learning George Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney,” said Taylor.

“Can you imagine goofy in my storm trooper costume? The thought makes me shiver. If Obama can prevent the sale of Star Wars, I’ll vote for him Tuesday.”

Mitt Romney is expected to speak in Charlotte today where he will be hosting a Candy Shortage relief rally. The Romney campaign has bought 5,000 pounds of candy to hand out to supporters so the supporters can donate the candy back to the campaign to save Rodney’s sweet tooth.

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